6 Steps To Start a Dog Grooming Business

6 Steps To Start a Dog Grooming Business

For many dog lovers out there, starting a dog grooming business while earning a lucrative amount is definitely their ultimate dream!

Pet grooming is a fast-growing industry with a segment of RM3.6 billion pet care industry. As a dog lover, the challenge is to keep them clean and well-groomed.

You could have multiple options to start a pet grooming business, either set up a physical store or offer mobile grooming services.

If you’re wondering how to start a dog grooming business, here are a few ideas and tips to consider.

#1 Define Your Dog Grooming Business Concept

dog grooming business
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Successful business owners will look into their potential customers and fill their needs.

Think about your community, what types of dogs do you see a lot, are they the types of dogs who needs lots of grooming?

Each of these preference gives you insights about your potential customers.

When you think ahead about the types of people and (their dogs) that you see in your community, that can help you decide the type of dog grooming business work best for you.

#2 Name your business

name of my dog grooming business
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An interesting part of starting a business is naming it, sounds pretty fun right? 🤪 You’ve probably seen dozens of cute business names over the years, well there’s always room for creativity!

Keep in mind when naming your dog business, you want to be unique and easier to be remembered, and make sure the name is web ready for your domain too.

Once you know no one else claim your business name, register, trademark or patent it to prevent other businesses to copyright it.

#3 Training and Certification for dog groomers

dog grooming business training
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Dog grooming business in Malaysia doesn’t require any specific licenses to run the business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take ay courses.

To ensure your customers dog is handle with care and precaution, best send your groomers for them to undergo training before onboarding.

Kinzonu Pets Grooming Academy provides an extensive training for new groomers in the pet industry.

#4 Business Management Software

dog grooming business software
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Software for dog grooming businesses? Yes, it is an essential item on your list when starting a business.

The software can help you automate your appointment setting, handle your payment processing, and even online reviews. The right software will help you manage your business effectively and bring your business to greater heights!

Countless dog groomers begin their business with a traditional way: pen and paper, but having a software could really ease your transactions with your customers.

#5 Put your service out there!

dog grooming business apps
Image Credit: The Drum

One of the effective way to let public knows about your services is utilising social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok. For instance, you can use Facebook ads to target people who can fit a certain demographic.

However, social media isn’t the only way to attract customers. There are many other ways to put your business out there as well.

#6 Pricing your services

dog grooming pricing
Image Credit: Marketing Donut

One of the mistake new business owners makes it to go on a price war with other competitors.

It is a tempting marketing strategies to offer an “introductory” rate to entice new customers, but price shopping customers can be demanding, and they’ll go anywhere when there’s a deal.

It might be mentally draining for your dogs as your dog doesn’t get to know their groomers, and groomers doesn’t have a human connection with your dog! In the long run, it’ll cause burn out.

Successful business owners compete on service and delivering a quality service to establish themselves.

If starting a dog grooming business has sparked your thinking, now it’s time for you to make some lists and some phone calls so you can groom some dogs! 

Source: Jennifer Phillips April

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