4 Most Popular Dog Breeds in The World

Shifa Azahar
April 17, 2021
malaysia dog breeds
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Since ancient times, humans have been breeding dogs. Wolves were used by the first dog breeders to produce domestic dogs.

Since ancient times, humans have been breeding dogs. Wolves were used by the first dog breeders to produce domestic dogs. Human beings deliberately raised dogs from the outset to do diverse roles. It is believed that hunting, protecting, and herding are among the earliest occupations enthusiastically done by the animal destined to be called "the best friend of man." Here are some breeds of dogs.


The apish look of the Affen has been described in many ways. The French tell diablotin mustache ("mustached little devil"), and fans of Star Wars claim that they look more like Wookie’s or Ekwok’s. They've been dubbed "monkey dogs" and "ape terriers."

Standing less than a foot tall, with much confidence, these robust terrier-like dogs tackle life. "A professional dog handler tells us, "This is not a breed you raise," "He's like a human. The thick, hard coat is described as "neat but shaggy" and comes in many colors; light and confidence is the gait. They can be deliberate and dominant, but they are most trustworthy, demonstrative, and always entertaining.

Afghan hound

The Afghan hound is an old breed, one with elegance and aloofness in his entire presence, his eyes staring into the horizon as if in the recollection of past ages. An intellectual and independent mind, one with dignity and style across its entire appearance. With a friendly and vibrant personality, he is dedicated and committed to himself. The Afghan hound is an athlete capable of enormous speed and requires a wide fenced yard and regular exercise.

Afghan hounds have been renowned for their majestic elegance since ancient times. However, the thick, luxurious, streaming coat that is the delegated wonder of the variety isn't only to look good; in uneven locales where Afghans at first got their keep, it went about as security from the unforgiving climate. Beneath the glamorous exterior of the Afghan is a solid, agile hound made for a long day's search, standing as high as 27 inches on the shoulder. Their immense paw-pads on the punishing terrain of their homeland served as shock absorbers.

For people, the Afghan hound is a special breed. A breed specialist writes, "For all would-be dog owners, it's not the breed, but where the combination of dog and owner is correct, no animal can equal the Afghan hound as a pet."

Alaskan Malamute

On the shoulder, the Alaskan Malamute stands 23 to 25 inches and weighs 75 to 85 pounds. The strong bone, deep stomach, muscular shoulders, and thick, weatherproof coat all yell. Their brown almond-shaped eyes have an affectionate sparkle, indicating that when the workday is over, Mals love snuggling with their humans. Mals are beasts of the pack. And in the 'pack' of your kin, the chief must be you. If a Mal does not value you, instead of the other way around, he's going to end up possessing you. Firm yet caring teaching should begin in early puppyhood. That said, to be nice and great with children, a well-behaved Mal.

American Eskimo dog

The American Eskimo Dog is available in three sizes, regular, miniature, and toy, as high as 19 inches or as low as 9 inches on the shoulder. A thick, sparkling white coat with a lion-like ruff across the chest and shoulders contains distinctive features; a smiling face with a black nose, mouth, and eye-rims that convey a keen, articulate expression; and a plumed tail borne around the back. Some Eskies have "biscuit cream" marks with the tasty color tag. They walk with a bold and athletic gait.

Eskies are social animals that, when ignored or untrained, may acquire problem habits. They rely on being part of family life. The smart, child-friendly Eskie literally coined the expression' ready to please' for the most trainable of breeds.

Malaysia Dog Breeds

Did you know that, similar to the Germans and their German Shepherd, Malaysia has its own dog breed? No, it is not known as the Malaysian Shepherd.

The canine breed is known as the Telomian, and this dog was believed to be known as the 'Kampung Dog' by us locals.
Aside from the fact that Malaysia has its own dog breed, what's even more astonishing is that it's the world's rarest dog breed! - World of Buzz

Meanwhile, DVS also share with public about few dog breed in Malaysia.

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