+11 Pics Of Dorky Dogs That People Just Share

October 2, 2021
 Min Read

We love our dogs. Without them, the world would be a damn lonely and sad place, and no one dares tell us otherwise. But let us face it, they are not the most graceful, sophisticated, and refined four-legged furry animals around. However, their instinctive stupidity and unprecedented goofiness are exactly why we love them so much.

Speaking of the latter, today we are going to dive into the world of silly dogs, that is, dogs that act like fools and have no shame when everything goes against manners, common sense and mutual agreements.

1. Muddy Buddy

2. Nailed It

3. Mistakes Have Been Made

4. Overly Excited Pup Is Still Learning How To Play Fetch

5. How This Is Comfortable?

6. Potatoes Gonna Potate

7. Took My Rescue Greyhound To Get Her Photo Taken. Nailed It

8. Say Cheese

9. The Three Pooches

10. Subway dog

11. You Might Be Wondering About What I Have In My Mouth…

via https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-derpy-dogs/

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