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5 Ways to Make Your Cat and Dog Get Along

April 15, 2022
cat and dog
Many believe cat and dog will never get along with each other even if they are in the same household.

Introduction: Cats and Dogs are natural enemies but how do they compare?

People often say cats and dogs have always been enemies. Some people may argue that, but it's not true that they are incapable of emotions and expressing affection in a way similar to humans. Though the two creatures speak completely different languages, it can be a rewarding experience if you at least try.

Would you like your cat and dog to get along better?

One point to keep in mind when owning cats is that they are naturally secretive and often jumpy. This is in contrast to a dog who is sociable and territorial and would therefore like to be king of the jungle. It doesn't mean that the two cannot exist if you assist them in coping with one another. Fortunately, this post can help you have a better relationship with your cat and dog.

1. Consider personality over breed.

Many believe stray dogs and cats will never get along with each other even if they are in the same household. Still, we should not let their origin distract us from seeing their true personality. Although it can be challenging to bond with some dogs, exploring which dog breeds are best with cats can help in avoiding hard times in your home.

How well a dog can bond with a cat is determined by their energy level and personality. Once you find a dog that is territorial, get ready to engage in an epic tug-of-war because he's not the right breed to live with cats. Older dogs are more likely to stay away from kittens.

It just means that if your pet doesn't match with another, don't force it. To keep the animals separated, you should always have a backup plan such as different rooms or doors to blast shield them.

2. Train your dog

To bond with a cat, your dog needs to learn how to control its impulses. You might be able to teach it this through observing the cat! For example, when you see him bounding after a fallen slice of bread or across the room to investigate something that's passed by - those are red lights (behaviours) that he'll copy when faced with a cat. Teach him how to obey a variety of commands, from 'come' and 'sit' all the way to 'drop.' The best thing to do would be to keep him on a leash every time you go for a meeting or else he will talk over you and about something irrelevant. Ensure that time that your dog spends with the cat is rewarded - this will keep them both happy.

3. Have the cat and dog follow their natural instincts.

Have you ever seen a baby stop crying once the mother holds them? The reason they could do that is because they had their mothers scent on them right after they were born. Some people use this to their advantage by wearing their baby's mother's dirty or sweaty shirt to help cool them down when left alone. This is because they associate their mother's scent with themselves.

This is what you should do when you want your dog to get along with your cat.

To ease their curiosity, let the dogs smell each other’s toys & bedding before they come in contact for an introduction. By doing this, you'll satisfy the dog's curiosity and prevent any potential clashes when they meet.

4. Make sure you've exercised your dog before they meet their new buddy

Prepare for your meet-up by taking your dog for a walk, getting him to do some training with you, and playing some energetic games.The dog running around after the cat is a common problem. The dog will not have enough energy for playtime and chasing the cat, so they'll be less likely to run off after their encounter. In the end, they might be able to bond better during playtime or training sessions

5. Consider their age

Older cats may be driven away by a puppy, but if that's not an issue, then get one. They tend to be calmer and more affectionate with the cat. You will not be surprised when your adult cat puts claws on your puppy’s face in this manner. The best thing is letting them grow up together to make sure that the pup does not become scared of cats.

The best thing to think about is that if you keep your cat and god in a positive environment, they will grow up together and eventually be friends.

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