+4 Best Cat Grooming Courses / Workshop in Malaysia

January 6, 2023
cat grooming course malaysia
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Looking for a cat grooming course or workshop to help you improve your cat grooming skills? Here is the list:

Cat groomers are pet stylists that solely work with and groom cats. While dogs frequently like being washed and combed, cats rarely do. Cat groomer implies that cat groomers must be trained in handling and grooming cats to provide clients with a pleasant grooming experience.

What Exactly Is A Cat Groomer?

A cat groomer is a professional who grooms cats' fur, nails, and teeth to care for and preserve their beauty. Brushing and combing the coat to eliminate tangles and mats, clipping the nails, and cleaning the teeth are all part of cat grooming. Cat groomers may also be in charge of bathing cats, checking for health problems, and giving advice on how to care for a cat's coat and overall health. Some cat groomers may provide further treatments, such as fur style.

Why people looking to hire professional cat groomer?

There are several reasons why people might hire a professional cat groomer:

1. Some cats, especially long types, require frequent brushing to keep their fur healthy and appealing. It can be uncomfortable and cause skin irritation and other health concerns if a cat's fur is matted or knotted. A professional groomer trained and equipped to properly care for a cat's coat and prevent these problems.

2. Some people lack the time or knowledge to groom their cats. Hiring a professional groomer enables them to guarantee that their cat receives the necessary care without having to do it themselves.

3. Because of their temperament or size, some cats may be difficult to groom at home. A professional groomer has the skills and training to groom even the most difficult cats.

4. Some owners may engage a professional groomer for special events, such as presenting their cat in a competition or simply pampering their cat.

Overall, hiring a professional cat groomer can help ensure that a cat is well-groomed, healthy, and happy.

Cat groomer salary in malaysia

The salary for a cat groomer can vary depending on several factors, including the groomer's level of experience, the location where they work, and the demand for their services. Typically pet shops will hire groomers with a minimum salary between RM1000-RM2200 with a commission of RM10-20 per pet & the total they can achieve is up to RM4,500 per month.

Best Cat Grooming Courses in Malaysia

If you were looking to learn or upgrade your cat grooming skill, here is a list of cat grooming course/workshop in Malaysia:

Purrfection Catz Grooming Academy (Pricing Range RM500 - RM2800)

cat grooming workshop
MJMA Cat Grooming & Training Centre (Pricing Range RM370 - RM600)

cat grooming course
JM Cat House (Price Range: RM500-RM700)

cat grooming academy
Meow Hero Family Centre (Price range RM850-RM1,000)
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