Cat owner, you don't want to make this litter box mistakes

Shifa Azahar
August 12, 2021
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If you can't even get your cat to use the litter box, you might be wondering what you're doing wrong.

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of a smarter-than-average cat that can use and flush the toilet? You might be wondering what you're doing wrong if you can't even get your cat to use the litter box.Maybe you've had some luck getting your cat to use the litter box. Perhaps you're considering introducing a litter box into your home for the first time. The good news for worried pet parents is that there are numerous tried-and-true methods for getting your cat to go potty in the correct place at the right time.We have covered you if you have problems with litter boxes. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how they might be resolved.

1. Choosing the wrong litter box

Cats can be choosy, so it may take some time to get the best litter box. Follow these steps to choose for your cat the ideal litter box:

Take into account your cat's size. Your cat should be turned easily with a litter box. If the box is too small, it could be prevented them from using it then they will urinate on the floor over the side.

Identify the suitable height. The majority of cats can enter and leave a semi-high litter box.

Get for every cat at least one litter box. Cats are pretty private animals and usually won't share a litter box in their homes with other cats. Specify one box per cat, plus one spare.

2. Choosing the wrong type of litter

Usually, the problem isn't the litter box, but the litter.

Many cats prefer a clumping type that does not harm its soft paw pads, it has a fine texture. Others prefer clay litter because on sensitive paws it's soft, too. Litters of silica gel crystals, which absorb urine, serve to keep smells away, are another typical choice. But if your kitty licks the silica gel off your paws, it will be harmful. You might examine additional possibilities if you're looking for natural biodegradable cat litter, recycled paper, soy, wheat and walnut shells. It's your cat, however. What your cat likes is the best litter.

Try different types of litter if you are using multiple litter boxes.

3. Using too little — or too much — litter in the box

Before they go to the potty, cats enjoy digging. By putting the correct amount of litter inside your box, you can keep your furry buddies happy.

If you have too much litter, your cat can dig more than necessary, causing them to hide their poop accidentally. While the poop may be undetectable to the eyes of humans, your cat is prominent. This may cause your cat to quit using the box completely if you cannot locate and remove it.

However, it allows your cat to bury their poop with enough litter in the box and bury their track. This litter must be sufficiently deep to absorb liquids and smells. As a starting point, aim for a 3-inch layer and add extra if necessary.

4. Placing the litter box in the wrong location

Location is another big concern for the litter box. It is a good practice to position the litter box in an easy access part of the house. Some places like corridors or bathrooms are most secluded and silent. Place a litter box on each floor if your home has several floors. And keep it out of the food and bowls of your cat.

The needs of your cat will assist you to select where your litter box can be placed. For instance, an old cat cannot readily reach the cellar or the bathroom on time.

The ideal place for your litter box can take time. Try to move your cat in another area if it is not too anxious to use the box in a single place.

5. Not cleaning the litter box enough

A cat's litter box is, because of its heat container or the smell of urine, one of the most common explanations.

While a human nose has 5 million scents, a cat nose has 200 million. There are two hundred million.

Make sure to remove or clean waste and change the litter as quickly as possible. Twice a day, shoop off the poop and the urine.

You should clean and empty the box using soap at least once a week.

If you keep your litter box in a clean state, your cat can be happy and control the smell.

6. Missing stress signals and behavior

For a number of reasons, cats can get stressed. Maybe you just moved to a new home, had a baby or brought your family a new pet. Such changes in your cat's life can prevent using the litter box. Make sure that your cat is protected if she feels stressed anywhere.

However, your cat may also be prevented from using the litter box by a medical problem. If you tried everything, seeing a veterinarian might be helpful.

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