Corgi Malaysia: The Complete Guide

March 27, 2022
corgi malaysia
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Corgis is a popular dog breed in Malaysia which are a small, short-legged type of dog that originated in Wales.

Introduction: What is a Corgi?

Corgis are a small, short-legged type of dog that originated in Wales. The Welsh name for the breed is “Pembrokeshire corgi”.

Corgis are often considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds and are commonly used as service animals due to their intelligence and low exercise needs. They were originally bred to herd cattle and other livestock.

Corgi Malaysia
Corgi Malaysia

They are known for their short legs and long body, which makes them perfect to herd cattle or sheep, especially on steep terrain.

The word "Corgi" comes from the Welsh words "cur" meaning "to bark," and "gi" meaning "dog."

Is corgi available in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, corgis are not very common. If you live in a city like Kuala Lumpur, it might be easier to find one.

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How much do Corgis typically cost?

The price of a Corgi can vary depending on the breeder and the specific dog. How much does a corgi cost?  In general, the average cost of a Corgi is around RM3,000 and up to RM10,000!

Corgi Malaysia
Corgi Malaysia

Are Corgis expensive to buy?

Yes, but the price of a corgi is determined by the breeder and the quality of the dog. Some breeders will charge more for their dogs because they are of higher quality, have better bloodlines, or have been bred with other high-quality breeds.

The price will also depend on whether you want a male or female corgi, as males tend to cost more than females.

Are Corgis good house dogs?

Corgis are the perfect house dogs. They are small, have a low energy level and are very smart. In addition to that, they have a high pain tolerance and get along well with other pets in the house.

They also don't require too much grooming which is perfect for people who don't enjoy taking care of their pets. They are known for their intelligence and their good temperaments. They are a popular breed of dog, but not many people know that they make great house pets.

Corgis are small dogs and they don't need a lot of space to be happy. They do well in apartments or small houses, and they love to be close to their owners at all times.

Are Corgis low maintenance?

Corgis are not low maintenance dogs. In addition to the regular grooming that all dogs need, Corgis also require a lot of brushing to prevent them from shedding too much. They are also very energetic and active dogs that require a lot of exercise.

Corgi Malaysia
Corgi Malaysia

How to take care for the Corgi Dog Breed

Caring for a corgi is not an easy task. They are high maintenance and require regular grooming and exercise. But, when you get to know them, they are one of the most loving and loyal dogs you will ever meet.

- The corgi is a small dog that has a lot of energy and needs plenty of exercise. The Corgi is a small, sturdy dog with long legs and a short body. They are often confused with the Welsh Corgi, but they are actually of the same breed.

- Corgis need to be groomed regularly to keep their coats looking shiny and healthy. They also need regular haircuts to maintain their shape.

- Corgis are intelligent dogs that can be trained easily if they are given enough time and patience from their owners.

- They are very social dogs who love being around people and other animals, which makes them perfect for families with children or other pets

Corgi Malaysia
Corgi Malaysia


In conclusion, Corgis are a very popular breed of dog. They are highly intelligent and can be trained to do a variety of tasks & perfect for you to be part of your family.

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