What to do with your pets if you tested positive for Covid-19?

October 2, 2021
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The word positive is no longer the favourite word when a pandemic strikes the world. If you are unlucky and contracted with the virus, you need to go through the uncomfortable swab test, quarantine and isolation phase from your beloved ones.

Are you ready if this happens to you? How about you? Your family member? And your pets?

When a pet parent tests positive for Covid-19 and then will place under quarantine, this puts them in a difficult position. They do not want to put their pets in danger. What happened to their pet when they are away?

Below are the two options to help any pet parents (we really hope you don't have to go through this) and this is the least that we can do to help smoothen things out for your while going through this challenging period.

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Option 1

Check with your family member or friends staying in the same house to take care of your pet while they are undergoing compulsory quarantine at home. 

As close contact, there are chances that their result is negative, but they still need to practice good personal and hand hygiene, especially before and after handling your pet.

Don't forget to remind your household to sanitise the house, including the pet's area such as cages to reduce the risk of infection.

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Option 2

Please consult with your regular vet to check on their availability to take care of your pet. As a medical practitioner, they should have proper sop in place.

Explain your situation carefully (and calmly) to the vet, and please DO NOT LIE! It will only make things worse if you lie, and it will jeopardise everyone else. 

The vet will inform you, step by step on how to handle this situation and they will assist you to ultimately get your pet under their care until you are well.

Note: There are chances that you will get rejected by your vet. Please don't get frustrated and focus on to settle your pet. You can always check with your regular pet hotel, pet shop and even the vet that rejected you to suggest any other vet than you can reach out.

We hope that these two option helps. These are the least that we can do to help you with and we wish you a speedy recovery.

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