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Digitalize Your Pet Hotel & Grooming Business

Nizam Habibur
June 17, 2021
Digitalize Pet business
Digitalizing your business increases operational efficiency, improves workflow, and enhances customer relationships and public perception of a company.

Digitalizing your business increases operational efficiency, improves workflow, and enhances customer relationships and public perception of a company. More importantly, digitalization ensures that, should paper documents become lost or damaged, their electronic version will remain accessible, guaranteeing minimum disruption of your business operations in a crisis or emergency.

This process should be taken step by step, as it tends to disrupt your operations when implemented in a hurry without planning. This disruption is what most businesses fear as it may turn away customers and, in severe cases, cause financial and reputational loss. The hope of making your business more efficient and profitable may end up damaging it if the conversion is not managed well. This is the reason why many businesses are still reluctant to make this significant move towards the future.

Steps Towards Pet Care Industry Digitalisation

Many have taken the first small step towards digitalisation in the Pet Care Industry by utilising social commerce sites. Many are using social media networks to introduce themselves to the market and advertise their services or products. Even more, they are using instant messaging or chat applications to enable two-way direct communication with their customers.

While these tools and applications have somewhat improved their business, they have simply replaced a few manual operations and reduced the usage of physical paper documents without really making the business more cost-effective and efficient. This is simply because these tools were created for social purposes. While wildly popular, as a business grows, it becomes a very crude and inconvenient tool for any pet care business.

While chat applications allow instant communication between a customer and your pet care business, the information communicated in the tool will remain just text on a screen without doing much else. There will be much time and effort wasted on the back and forth communication in confirming a suitable appointment in a reservation process.

There will still be various manual operations required in between, like checking the calendar and operational capacity, before relaying that information back to the customer. This may go on for several rounds until an available match is found. Furthermore, when an enquiry comes in, you may need a full-time employee to manage the communications and reply promptly 24/7. This is why this article has mentioned that this is the “first small step”. 

The Benefit of Pet Care Industry Digitalization

Now, for a Pet Care business, is there such a tool? While many business digitalizing tools were out there, they were mainly built to make businesses more efficient. A Pet Care business needs a unique digitalizing tool that has taken into consideration the needs of the primary client - our pets.

How Petotum Can Help To Ease The Digitalization Process?

Here at Petotum, we have created this solution. It is a double-sided platform for Pet Parents and Pet Care businesses curated for the pet care industry.

On one side, we have a platform for Pet Parents to register and create a unique Digital Pet ID for each pet. This ID will contain all the information relevant to the care of a pet. The Petotum mobile app is also available in the App Store and Google Play for the ultimate convenience.

Digital Pet ID features

On the other side, we have PetotumBIZ - a dedicated platform for Pet Care businesses. The solution is a complete pet care management system. It covers all the crucial reasons for digitalizing, from reservation management, capacity management, service management to real-time customer updates and appointment reminders and a digital payment gateway. It even houses a communication gateway with a real-time chat function that is manned at all times.

The platform serves as a buffer between customers and the pet care business, communicating efficiently between them, filtering the queries and responding quickly. Common questions regarding your business services will be handled by the system, making communication more efficient and streamlined.

digitalize business
PetotumBiz Features

It is highly recommended for you start digitalizing your Pet Care business. It is also important for you to use the correct tool for the process to avoid disruptions to your operations. Visit our website for more information. Enjoy the 30-days trial period for free and start your digitalizing journey with us!

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