Dog Friendly Hiking Trail in Petaling Jaya!

October 2, 2021
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In Malaysia, most dog owners aren't freely allowed to bring their dogs to malls or shopping centers due to religiosity differences and cultural differences.

Dog owners will most likely bring their dogs to parks or hiking trails.

Still, some hiking trails aren't precisely pet friendly too. Today, we're here to explore Dog-Friendly Hiking Trail in Petaling Jaya that allows you and your dog to strengthen your bonding session together!

Dog Friendly Hiking Trail - Bukit Kiara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Bukit Kiara is a densely forested area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The site is in proximity to the suburbs of Bukit Damansara, TTDI, Mont Kiara, and Sri Hartamas.

Dog Friendly Hiking Trail
Image Credit: The Star

For many hikers enthusiasts, Bukit Kiara may not be an excellent choice to trek up as the highest point is only 250m.

If you're in the midst of giving your dog some physical training, this might be a suitable hiking trail as a starter for your dog.

There are two types of hiking trail suitable for your dog. If your dog likes human interaction with people, the tiled road is a convenient spot for your dog.

Dog Friendly Hiking Trail
Image Credit: TimeOut

If your dog loves to get down and dirty and love challenges, the muddy trail is the right spot for him or her.

Dog Friendly Hiking Trail
Image Credit: SAYS

The labeled trail is nearly 2km each way. The first 0.5km is steep; then it levels out.

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