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πŸš€ UPDATES - PetotumVET version 2

Shifa Azahar
June 3, 2022
After a long break, we have completed a significant update of PetotumVET version 2 based on input from vet clinic itself.

Hello everyone, The new PetotumVET platform was created for veterinarians who work at multiple clinics and have their own schedule.


Vet Clinic appointment system
Vet Clinic appointment system

PetotumVET 2.0

New UI of PetotumVET dashboard with:

- Pet medical records

- Reports

- Doctor registration & login

- Appointment system with new booking flow & vet page

- Billing system with integrated invoice

- PetotumVET Subscription

- Pharmacy management system



- create invoice with backdated date

- free fill item in invoice



In our continued effort to make Petotum the most reliable pet management platform, we eliminated several key bugs in the platform this month! 🚫 🦠


Invoice (PetotumBIZ)

- FIXED: Pet Care Coupon & Minimum Fee (Subtotal < RM0 or Negative)

- FIXED: Pet Care unable to edit invoice to change date

- FIXED: Invoice Layout (Subtotal RM0 to RM5.01) for Pet Parent, Pet Care & Petotum Admin

- FIXED: Create invoice: remove mobile menu bar, replace with floating create button

- FIXED: List of a invoice: pagination over the page (tablet)

- FIXED: User Receive abandonment cart email when pet care create invoice

- FIXED: Transaction fee item does not appear on customer's invoice. Amount is correct

- FIXED: Edit invoice: service image UI (rectangle)

- FIXED: Create invoice: To drop down all service list one click on search service name


Refund (PetotumBIZ)

- FIXED: 'Refund Request' Button: To amend the Booking Status and Refund Information of Refunded booking


Pet profile (PetotumBIZ)

- FIXED: Fav pet care didn’t appear when pet care added the customer on their database

- FIXED: Pet Care Registration: Add Pet Wellness modules


Pet Grooming module (PetotumBIZ)

- FIXED: Pet grooming : package popup - need to have in point form for multiple add-on

- FIXED: Pet Grooming Booking: The 'showing page' didn't reflect


Account Setting (PetotumBIZ)

- FIXED: Company info: Store picture - Need to add words (Max 10 photos) *Additional words doesn't appear on about at pet care business page

- FIXED: Manage service for pet hotel and grooming : Room picture - Need to add words (Max 5 photos) *Additional words doesn't appear on about at pet care business page


Dashboard (PetotumBIZ)

- FIXED: Pet Care Dashboard: To align activities with latest transaction


Pet Parent

- FIXED: Pet profile: pet status color similar

- FIXED: User received drop cart emails every 10 minutes


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