How Old Is Too Old To Neuter Or Spay A Dog?

Shifa Azahar
August 12, 2021
spay a dog
If you thought your dog had missed the window for neutering or spaying, think again! Is a dog too old to be spayed or neutered?

If you believed that your dog had missed the window to neuter or spay - think again!Is a dog too old for spaying or neutering? Nope, age is not a barrier as long as the dog is overall healthy. However, your veterinarian may prescribe more comprehensive work before the operation depending on your dog's age and medical history – that means she has some further tests to ensure that she is safe to do so.

Benefits of your adult dog spaying or neutering

Just like spaying or neutering the puppy, it reduces the chance of a tonne of health problems."Dogs are exposed to the same health risks as cats, including pyometra (unspayed females' womb infection), testicular cancers, mammary cancers and prostate problems.In comparison, spayed dogs also have a reduced likelihood of excessive barking and humping bad behaviour.

The healing process after a spay or neuter for an older dog

Older dogs may take longer to recover from an operation, particularly a spay because it is more invasive. Your older dog may heal more slowly and will need to be kept quiet following their surgery to allow them time to heal.This means you'll need to keep a close eye on your dog following surgery and be sure to check in with your vet to ensure she's healed appropriately.Reference:

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