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πŸš€ UPDATES - PetotumBIZ Inventory & Create New Invoice

Shifa Azahar
November 2, 2021
Our focus in last few weeks is to improve productivity for petcare in an effort to make Petotum the best petcare platform on the planet! 🌎 πŸ’œο»Ώ

Hey Everyone! Here's an update on the last few weeks:


Inventory & Create New Invoice:

Petcare/ vet can create an item inventory & new invoice to pet parents. Payment can be done via cash or online ο»ΏπŸ”₯ο»Ώ


Request Cancellation & Refund:

We make it easier for pet parents and also petcare to request a refund to Petotum via one single button. 😎


Edit booking date & time:

Petcare can change booking date & time to serve pet parent better. ο»Ώβœ…

In our continued effort to make PetotumBIZ & PetotumVET the most reliable petcare management platform, we took extra focus this week on eliminating hundreds of bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



Pet grooming module

-FIXED: Pet Grooming Booking: status flow

-FIXED: Pet Grooming: Duration didn't appear on the Pet Grooming Dashboard

-FIXED: Pet Grooming Setting: No of staff grooming staff and no of grooming area appeared as 'Choose' and can't be edited

-FIXED: Pet Grooming Setting: Unable to change pet size for Pet Grooming package


Pet Hotel Module

-FIXED: Pet Hotel Booking: Unable to upload media to send update

-FIXED: Pet Care able to click Γ‡heck-in' button before the check-in date

-FIXED: Registration: Tick selection crop

-FIXED: Discover Service & Pet Parent portal

-FIXED: Filter: Service type default to Pet Hotel

-FIXED: Checkout: Hide button (mobile only) while user key-in personal details

-FIXED: Pet parent booking: Deceased pet appear (need hide during booking)

-FIXED: Pet Parent Review: Need to review twice (Current: Review, login, re-review)

-FIXED: Discover service: The pet grooming column is not the same as the rest

-FIXED: Payment: Able to pay invoice 0 amount and appear as negative value once paid

-FIXED: New Payment failed UI


Petcare Portal

-FIXED: Petcare registration: Error upon registering new branch account

-FIXED: Petcare registration: No email notification to operation upon new business registration

-FIXED: PetotumBIZ Staff Login: Need to be able to delete pending invite

-FIXED: Pet & hotel grooming: Add service - Make compulsory to select at least 1 'Feature Details'

-FIXED: Grooming Booking Capacity: The full capacity is 60%

-FIXED: Pet care dashboard: Pet picture icons are distorted for activity updates

-FIXED: Pet care dashboard : Random line appear on navigation menu

-FIXED: Pet hotel capacity: For future date, in-boarding does not reflect in the capacity

-FIXED: Pet Parent Profile: pet list should go to pet record

-FIXED: Company name is not updated in Pet Parent coupon list

-FIXED: Pet care dashboard: Line below latest transaction and latest activity are not aligned

-FIXED: Pet profile - booking history (Pet care view): For completed appointment, able to click on reschedule button, select date and submit date but no changes

-FIXED: Pet profile - booking history (Pet care view): Able to delete completed appointment

-FIXED: Pet profile - booking history (Pet care view): When pet care deleted paid appointment, there is no indicator from admin to refund the payment

-FIXED: Pet Size: System prompted to fill Grooming size Setting when user select the default size


Vet Module

-FIXED: Vet appointment: Filter View in tab is too small

-FIXED: Vet module: create new appointment at pet profile

-FIXED: Clinic Records: Medical notes alignment changed to center during editing

And many more... πŸ›


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