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πŸš€ UPDATES - PetotumBIZ Improving Invoice Creation Experience!

Shifa Azahar
February 21, 2022
This week, we implemented an extremely useful improvement that will improve your invoice-creation experience! πŸ’†

This week's highlights:

- Implementation of the coupon code on the petcare invoice and the pet parent booking page.

- Invoices have more payment options, such as e-wallets, terminals, and others! ο»ΏπŸƒο»Ώ

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Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make Petotum the most reliable petcare management platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs in the platform this week! 🚫 🦠



- FIXED: Invoice from inventory: Unable to process payout because pet care unable to change status to 'service completed'

- FIXED: Coupon redemption not available for case when Petcare creates invoice and pet parent makes payment through link

- FIXED: Create invoice: Coupon deduction doesn't appear in the breakdown (Merchant & Customer)

- FIXED: create invoice: invoice by cash have transaction fee (vet service)

- FIXED: Create an invoice: vet service error

- FIXED: Edit invoice: Pet Parent able to see the service fee absorbed by pet care upon payment

- FIXED: Create invoice: Unable to proceed for booking for pet hotel + add on

- FIXED: Edit invoice: wrong payment type

- FIXED: Booking details: hide request refund button for cash payment


Account info

- FIXED: Operation Hour: Off day did not reflect correctly in Company Info page



- FIXED: Pet care set compulsory vaccine: pet parent unable to add new pet during booking


Pet Records

- FIXED: Add new customer & pet: Merchant can't add more info - address and emergency contact


Petcare Dashboard

- FIXED: Quick links buttons: To aligned every buttons to the center of the boxes


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