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πŸš€ UPDATES - Power up Invoicing Process

Shifa Azahar
December 15, 2022
Invoicing your customer sometimes gets challenging. Especially when the customer wants more flexibility in making payment.

Some customers wish to use cash, e-wallet, or credit card online. At Petotum, we want to give our partners more flexibility in their business to serve their customer better. From your feedback, we made some improvements to our invoicing features.


New Features & Enhancement β˜€οΈ


PetotumBIZ & PetotumVET :Β 

- Payment Status at invoice

- Edit invoice - change payment status & payment method

- Create invoice for cash and others - user can select the payment status

- Create Invoice: Partial payment

- Pet care service can change pet profile imageΒ 


PetotumVET :Β 

- Vet calendar: add appointment button & link settings

- View medical records at edit invoice


Bugfix πŸ›

In our continued effort to make Petotum the most reliable management platform, we took extra focus this month on eliminating key bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:



- FIXED: Cash Transactions amount appears as RM0 in Transaction List and Dashboard. Invoice amount is correct

- FIXED: Invoice Description missing at view & edit invoice

- FIXED: Completed appointment : the "create invoice" button need to change "edit invoice"

- FIXED: Error 500 when selecting to view invoice after long idle

- FIXED: Unable to edit invoice after completing consultation from Transaction List

- FIXED: Share payment link button appear for cash /other payment

- FIXED: Edit invoice: Edit button missing when choose partially paid- terminal card

- FIXED: Paid invoice (confirm appt without payment)

- FIXED: edit invoice: partially paid but not showing at edit invoice

- FIXED: edit invoice: partially payment no /1 or /2 when update the invoice

- FIXED: After editing invoice (Paid-Cash) Status in Transaction list still listed as Pending-Cash

- FIXED: Choosing Cancelled as payment status during editing invoice makes the original service completed invoice disappear from Transaction list

- FIXED: When creating invoice with partial payment, transaction list shows full amount. Invoice does not reflect partial payment only in Internal / Customer Notes

- FIXED: Edit Invoice : View medical record shows random pet records/ wrong pet

- FIXED: Create invoice for partial payment - Invoice does not reflect partial payment

- FIXED: Invoice with identical Booking ID created after edit invoice

- FIXED: Vet Booking: back button not function

- FIXED: Extra invoice created after updating current invoice

- FIXED: PetotumBIZ menu appear at PetotumVET when click invoice number at calendar



- FIXED: Historical Report does not reflect actual no of transactions and sales amount

- FIXED: Layout for partial payment of the Edit Invoice

- FIXED: Partial payment invoice: Payment status & details

- FIXED: Fail to create 'Edit Invoice' and an error appears

- FIXED: Booking ID for edit invoice should have a slash (/)

- FIXED: Edit invoice does not appear on the List of Invoice

- FIXED: Each partial payment made must have an individual invoice with a sequence booking ID

- FIXED: To remove the edit button for edit invoice /1

- FIXED: Partial payment invoice display incorrect payment method, partial payment amount and balance amount

- FIXED: Create invoice: hide cancelled status when create invoice

- FIXED: Create invoice: change text "Create Appointment without Online Payment" at create invoice only


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