Pet Services: After the Raya Sales, How Do You Keep Customers?

Shifa Azahar
May 4, 2022
Raya Sales
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Hari Raya is a great season to acquire new customers for your business. Once the excitement has died down, how do you keep your customers returning?

Here are some tips to get you started on turning your first-time customers into lifelong customers!

Keep the discounts going for selected services

Every customer loves discounts, and it’s a great way to keep them interested and engaged in your company's services. However, you should be aware that there is a strategy behind the services that go on discount. You shouldn't try to sell a deal on every single services, just those that are most relevant.

Promotional offers have been known to have a stronger effect when consumers believe that the items are in short supply or limited slot.

Customers need to know that discounts are available for ONLY selected services and will be on sale only until a certain date. This sense of urgency will drive customers to make a purchase before the offer ends, helping you get the most out of your post-Raya sales.

Here are some services that could go on discount but it's up to you:

Seasonal services

If you have launched any new services (eg special room) to celebrate the Hari Raya season, you will want to offer customers a discount on these service when the festivities end.

Some customers are aware of post-holiday sales and intentionally wait for these discounts.

A discount between 20% to 30% helps to attract customers who are more price sensitive. That said, the discount you give should also depend on your profit margins

Services bundling

Instead of placing single service on sale, consider making bundles instead. I think this way is the best because people might be more interested in the bundle rather than just one thing.

Services bundling is a great way to create the feeling of discounts for customers because it not only gives them more for their money but also helps you attract new customers who are willing to explore your other services.

For example: cat hotel + cat grooming + cat taxi

Give coupons to new customers

You’ve spent the Hari Raya period gaining new customers, but now it’s time to turn these new people into regulars for your petcare!

Here’s how: 

To thank your customers for their orders during Hari Raya, why not include a coupon code into the parcel of each? The next time they purchase from you, they get 10% off!

You can choose to give your customers a discount that applies across the entire store or use a sale on specific services.

A good loyalty program will not only save you on marketing costs but also help you keep your customers around for the long term.

Start tracking your customers’ purchases and reward those who have bought from your petcare 3 times or more. You could give them a unique discount code in their next order, or offer a special freebie.

Petotum provides the flexibility to easily create promo codes. Check this out:

1. Create a promotion

2. Enter your unique promo code (eg. BIRTHDAYPROMO10)

3. Specify which service are available for promo or apply it to your entire petcare

4. Indicate the discount amount

Sign up for our premium subscription and enjoy this beneficial feature from just RM60/month.

Leverage on retargeting strategies

Customers love to browse online stores at this time of the year.

It sounds like they may have found something awesome in your store but haven’t quite made the commitment to make the purchase.

Build relationships with new customers

One of the best ways to keep customers is by building genuine relationships with them.

Let your customers know you care about their opinions by requesting feedback on their experience with your service. A well-timed survey can offer them educational discounts, free shipping, free services - the sky's the limit!

Following up on an order is a great idea to make sure that your customer is happy. After you’ve fulfilled the order, it would be worth checking in again with a feedback form or sending them a friendly text to see if they are satisfied with their purchase

I know it can feel a bit scary that your online business has no actual physical presence but these conversations will help you establish a great relationship with your audience and make you stand out.

Engage customers online with social media

You may have some amazing services to show off on your site, but it’s pointless if no-one can find them.

By posting on social media regularly, you can get the word out about new services, discounts and seasonal sales.

To reach out to your customers during Hari Raya, it may be a good opportunity to do promotions or campaigns targeted at potential customers.

Reading updates after a break is not only interesting, but it also builds your online presence.

Retain customers with a professional online store

If you want to build great customer relationships online, it's essential to provide a good and hassle-free shopping experience. Join PetotumBIZ today and unlock the full potential of your store. You’ll get to employ the right strategies effectively and say goodbye to post-holiday slumps for your online business!

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