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πŸš€ UPDATES - Petcare Registration & more features for pet parents

Shifa Azahar
March 1, 2020
Hello, pet parents and pet care providers! We have a major release this week as follows:

New Features

1. Pet ID

Updated vaccination record with history


2. Pet Diary

Receive updates from pet care when your pets at petcare facilities.


3. Discover services

Try online booking for pet hotel & grooming on the selected pet care provider.


============== Petcare provider ========


4. Register business

If you have a pet hotel, register directly at the petcare registration form (login required), add your first services & submit.

Pet care account- Need assistance? Fill in the form at PetotumBIZ


5. Pet hotel Module

Manage room - Pet hotel now can manage daily check-in, onboarding & check-out daily.


6. Pet grooming Module

Manage services - Manage slot based on groomer capacity & maximize profits.


7. Add-on

Upsell to the customer when they make booking or appointment


8. Booking

Petcare has its own page with a unique URL for the customer to make a booking.


Bug Fixed & Improvement



Bugfix: Data migration on pet behaviour



Bugfix: Data migration on pet ID & pet parent profile

Bugfix: Changes on Pet ID URL

Bugfix: Changes on registration, community URL & redirection



Pet care: Show requirement on petcare page

Pet care: Set sender email as PetotumBiz for an email about petcare

Pet care: hotel room availability check & sync date between filter page and booking page

Pet care: Send booking confirmation emails to pet parent & pet care

Pet care: Add company in booking resource

Pet care: Add API to get the magic link for the invoice

Pet care: Editable petcare cover photo

Pet care: Show default message when petcare about is not available

Pet care: Pet care's pet activity list

Pet parents: Add spacing in the pet owner's name

Pet parents: Allow pet care profile editing

Pet parents: Add API to get the country list

Pet parents: Add co-owner list in pet response

Pet parents: Add country and profile in update user personal data response

Pet parents: Activity push notification use brand name

Bugfix: Bigger pet status font for mobile view

Bugfix: Use a brand name in the booking list

Bugfix: Fix weight width to same

Bugfix: Change meals and behaviours to nullable

Bugfix: Remove redundant action

Bugfix: If age less than 1 year, show age in months

Bugfix: cannot go to pet profile after add pet

Bugfix: Do not show an empty address

Bugfix: Refine customer info editing

Bugfix: Store edited customer info into logged in user instead of the store at a separated table

Bugfix: Add error when trying to redo existing invitation

Bugfix: Make load more content on scrolling to work

Bugfix: Add API to get state list

Bugfix: Return country in user

Bugfix: Remove email from required user update, add country id and state id

Bugfix: Return state in user response

Bugfix: Return country and state in user after login

Bugfix: Refine availability checks in booking & allow multiple grooming booking in same grooming package but different pet & time slot

Bugfix: Add API for petcare page magic link

Bugfix: Filter out unpaid bookings

Bugfix: Update other info messages

Bugfix: Disable past dates

Bugfix: Disable selecting pets that are in the cart



Pet Parents: Add meta tags

Pet Care: Use property instead of a name

Pet Care: Update booking statuses

Pet Care: Add owner name on pet care's bank account

Pet Care: Allow the mobile device to choose pictures from its gallery



Pet Care: New features: telegram bot for petcare

Pet Care: Add check-in and check-out list in a daily summary

Pet Care: Set the daily summary job to daily

Pet Care: Change greeting

Pet Care: Add grooming summary

Pet Care: Show grooming and addon when available in pet details

Pet Care: Disable past date selection

Pet Care: Add a link to an activity on the pet care dashboard page

Pet Care: Only show pet hotel that has the same pet type as grooming

Pet Care: Apply & update the service fee to all future payments

Bugfix: Fixed check in check out count



Pet Care: grooming status for pets in the hotel

Pet Care: Set default about text

Pet Care: Booking payout calculation based on pet care's plan subscription

Pet Care: Show merchant id

Pet care: Map location for pet care

Pet care: Use the specific method for grooming status update

Pet care: Add request to mass read notification

Pet Parents: Implement reminder push notification

Pet Parents: Set reminder job to daily

Pet Parents: Add push notification for grooming status

Pet Parents: Add co-owner list in the pet list response

Pet Parents: Update default pet avatar

Pet Parents: Update help & support message

Pet Parents: Pet parent must confirm to clear cart

Pet Parents: WIP Change grooming push notification status

Pet Parents: Use new grooming push notification message

Pet Parents: Create a reminder after booking

Pet Parents: Add check out a reminder

Bugfix: Refactor service fee & transaction fee

Bugfix: Fix UI for a tablet device

Bugfix: Update pet profile photo

Bugfix: Add API to set all notification as reading

Bugfix: Don't show the map when lat/long is empty

Bugfix: Fix on pet not shown in pet care's groomings list when booked as add on in hotel booking

Bugfix: Fix booking details

Bugfix: Fix for capacity shown was over 100%

Bugfix: Remove next button action when a pet has leaved

Bugfix: Change label

Bugfix: Remove status 'ready' in pet grooming status list

Bugfix: Show about text with line breaks and spaces

Bugfix: Rearrange buttons

Bugfix: Show next time slot only when the date is today

Bugfix: Show all grooming within a booking

Bugfix: Show pets available each day based on pet's check-in/out date in pet care's hotel bookings list

Bugfix: Add hotel bookings and grooming bookings in booking response

Bugfix: Add booking id to reminders table

Bugfix: Fix grooming reminder date time

Bugfix: Modify reminder API response to include booking

Bugfix: Return reminder list from Laravel instead of Lumen

Bugfix: Add state and country in-branch booking response

Bugfix: WIP Pet parent reminder job

Bugfix: Send a reminder on the due date and one day before (and only if the flag is true)



Pet care: Notify pet care to set their business hours

Pet care: Update pet care dashboard

Pet care: Pet care can modify its blackout days

Pet care: Switch between pet care branches

Pet care: Set the specific header for the switch branch page

Pet care: add pet meals, behaviours & medical info

Pet care: add hotel & grooming operation hours on pet care's account details page

Pet care: restrict switch branch only within the same company

Pet care: Add a link to switch branch at petcare's account page

Pet care: Pet care can modify its blackout days

Pet parents: Limit pet name text

Pet parents: add links to pet parent profile & pet profile

Pet parents: Do not allow to change email address when do booking

Pet parents: Disable date selection on a blackout date

Pet parents: Show default pet photo when pet profile is not available

Pet parents: get back deleted pets, deleted pet side effect

Bugfix: Fix UI on medium screen

Bugfix: Cutlery icon is replaced with utensils in fa v5

Bugfix: Get pets directly from users

Bugfix: Fix for possible error 500

Bugfix: Exclude blackout grooming slots



Pet care: New features- hotel opening hours

Pet care: New feature - Add user & send invitation

Petcare: New feature - Add edit petcare requirements

Bugfix: Blackout date

Bugfix: Open/closed days

Bugfix: Booking calculation

Bugfix: Hotel booking does not change status to checkout



Bugfix: update blackout dates UI and copywriting

Bugfix: remove a country in personal details

Bugfix: Filter out refunded booking in the petcare booking list

Bugfix: Handle no add on - skip addon page

Bugfix: remove the download button in the gallery

Bugfix: start new booking with empty DateTime

Bugfix: Make pet selection scrollable

Bugfix: Remove normal weight text


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