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πŸš€ UPDATES - Pet Parent Apps With More improvement

Shifa Azahar
October 25, 2021
Transparently, we've been laser-focused on bug fixes and stability for the last 2 weeks, given our focus, and don't have as many noticeable updates to share.

A Notes from our CTO

Hey Everyone! Your feedback is part of every discussion we have internally, and we're confident that you will see significant improvements in the coming weeks. Here's an update on the last 2 weeks:

- We're still pushing forward on bugsβ€”we're making progress, but we aren't in a great place yet.

- The engineering team is revamping all of our processes around bugs and we expect new procedures to be put in place within the next 1-2 months.


Notifications & Dashboards:

While we don't have many concrete updates from the last 2 weeks, we're aiming to make these improvements as holistic as possible to increase overall performance as well as solve multiple, critical bugs at once.


Pet Parent mobile app

New version with some upgrades. Read more >

In addition to this progress report, I wanted to share that our product team is focusing on UX (user experience) research and user testing. We want the best UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) for our users and we will work toward that goal while engineering remains focused on reliability and stability.

As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and support! Thank you!

Shifa - CTO Petotum



-Fixed: Pet care dashboard: A knowledge base and live chat buttons are too close to each other

-Fixed: Pet care dashboard navigation: The pink line to indicate a selected menu, selected setting instead when clicked on report

-Fixed: Pet care dashboard navigation: When clicked on the report, it showed transaction instead

-Fixed: Vet appointment: Need to have "back to consultation" button during the appointment when viewing medical record history

-Fixed: Company Info: Hotel module is not activated but there is a word 'Per' on the Company Info page

-Fixed: Pet Size column is to narrow for tab view

-Fixed: add new appointment: add notes

-Fixed: Different Pet Care Name displayed

-Fixed: Discover Service: Pet Hotel frame is smaller than the other in tab view

-Fixed: Discover Services: No option for Vet Clinics in the filter

-Fixed: Vet booking management: Date filter reset to default for each action

-Fixed: Vet appointment: the button is too big and messy

-Fixed: Pet Care Dashboard: No Pet Record tab in Huawei tab view

-Fixed: Vet appointment: System alerted max pet capacity but still add the extra selected pet

-Fixed: Vet appointment: Consultation fee charged per pet, not as per consultation

-Fixed: Vet service: No breakdown per pet in the payment summary

-Fixed: Vet service setup: Need to add option BOTH for gender selection

-Fixed: Vet module: no add on for Grooming module

-Fixed: Booking capacity status: Vet appointment capacity is not reflected

-Fixed: Vet appointment: Need to add view more for lengthy medical record and standardise column size for each medical records

-Fixed: Pet care booking status: Vet appointment appeared for pet care account

-Fixed: Pet records: no field to fill in the owner's IC number

-Fixed: Pet records: Need to delete occupation in the parent details column

-Fixed: Add pet records: no need required IC

-Fixed: Personal info: To add id type and id no columns

-Fixed: Hide "My Last Activity" at pet profile

-Fixed: Hide certain info at a vet appointment

-Fixed: Error when login

-Fixed: Pet hotel booking: Unable to make booking

-Fixed: Pet hotel setting: Setting for room pricing type reset to default

-Fixed: Personal Info: Redirect to an error page when a user attempts to edit personal info

-Fixed: Admin: Petotum coupon in admin was replaced by Pet Care coupon

-Fixed: vet notification email: missing word

-Fixed: booking history: error when making a booking for pet hotel


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