Does Your Pet Need a Pet Passport?

October 2, 2021
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Have you considered moving abroad or going on a vacation with your fur babies? Well, for trips like this, your pets need a pet passport to travel!

If you have a plan in mind, there are a few steps you could do to acquire a passport for your beloved fur babies.

Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) has created an official document for pets under the Provision of Animal Act 1953.

A pet passport is an official document of the Malaysian Government under the Malaysia Animal Traceability System.

The objective of having a Pet Passport for your pets are:

  • Help in disease control
  • Improve animal traceability system
  • Promote pet ownership responsibility
  • Increase awareness in the animal welfare

How to apply pet passport?

  1. Head over to Department of Veterinary Services (All DVS state office)
  2. Veterinary Clinics that accredited as a Malaysia Animal Registrar.

Locate Registrar Near You

Price List

As always, there are no free things in this world. To have this documentation for your pets, these are the standard charges that will apply upon having the passport.

The fee does not include a microchip, physical examination and pictures for your pet.

More info: DVS Pet Passport Malaysia

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