How To Start a Pet Shop Business in Malaysia

Shifa Azahar
June 15, 2022
Pet Shop Business
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Many people want to know how to start a pet shop or pet store business. Here is a simple guide on how to open your own pet store.

Experience working in a pet store

Around 2014, my partner and I first launched the pet shop together. I'm in charge of creating the website and marketing for the pet shop because I have previous experience in social media and digital marketing.

There is some mistake we made that you can avoid:
- Spending on something unnecessary
- Purchasing food stocks and pet store toys that are not selling quickly, resulting in the pet store maintaining old stock
- Make unnecessary improvements.
- Minimal experience providing cat grooming services

However, customers prefer our cat hotel service because it is clean and the cats are well-cared.

Is opening a pet store profitable?

Yes, we earn about RM10,000 to RM25,000 per month just from pet hotel & cat grooming services in Klang Valley.

Experience With Opening a Pet Store

MEOWCLASS, a cat hotel in Puchong, was founded in 2017 by myself and two other partners. We offer cat grooming & hotel services. Among the collaborations we receive are the following:

1. Capital RM150k - simple design, clean and few components. There is also a waiting area for pet parents.

2. The geographical selection is a little random, but we have a practical marketing approach.

3. Spend on Google and Facebook ads- we receive clients from Ampang, Gombak, and Shah Alam. Calculate the service profit

5. We created a website with a booking system for grooming and hotels which can save operating costs with only two employees.

6. Create a pet transportation service for people who shop frequently.

7. Cat owners are willing to pay up to RM7,000 per month for their pets.

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Capital needed to start a pet store

The capital required to create a pet shop selling cat products might range between RM30k and RM100k. Begin with a tiny shop, low-cost rentals, and a strategic location.


1. If you want to sell cat and dog supplies, make sure you sell items that sell quickly.

2. Use a marketplace such as LAZADA or SHOPEE.

3. Make an opening promotion before you open the store.

4. Create your online store.

5. Ascertain that you have a marketing budget. You can engage a marketing agency to perform your marketing for you (around RM1k per month)

6. Make sure you understand how to set up your company account.

Own Brand Cat Food Business

The trend of self-branding cat food is growing in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. If you're in Malaysia, there are Petchef and Coco & Joe BARF, which serve healthy organic food. The trend of demand for nutritious organic food for cats is increasing as organic food awareness grows in Malaysia. Cats, too, are not included.

Capital Required To Open a Cat Hotel

The cost required to start a cat hotel varies depending on your target consumers. If you want a high-end cat hotel, the entire cost, including renovations, can range between RM150k and RM200k.

1. Choose a cage or room material that is easy to clean - if you choose the wood that absorbs water, the cat will urinate, and the wood is easy to grow and smell.

2. Select the proper size for the cage.

3. Have proper ventilation to avoid odours.

4. Wash all the litter boxes and wipe off all the rooms every morning.

5. Provide training to your staff

6. Avoid overlapping rooms & maximize the slot by using the hotel's pet system.

The PetotumBIZ system can assist you.

How to Start a Pet Store


Pet shop business documents can be used for a variety of purposes, such as planning ahead of time before beginning a business or seeking loan financing. Google provides numerous examples of working papers, including:

1. Business Capital

If you don't have the funds, you can start as a house pet sitter or offer a pet taxi service in your neighbourhood. Then you can apply for a business loan from MARA, TEKUN, or another bank. Using a revenue calculator, calculate service profit.

2. Privileges

Focus.  Do we want customers to think of us as grooming experts or just as pet supply stores? Pick one. If the distance between your petshop and the others is near, make sure you offer a different promotion than the others. Consider a Loyalty Card.

3. Location

The main criteria for opening a petshop is LOCATION. Validate the opening of a pet shop. Make certain that there is a strong demand for pet businesses in our area.


SSM can register many different types of businesses, including:

1. Private Company

2. Sharing

3. Partnership LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

3. Sdn Bhd (Sendirian Berhad).

If you are just starting a business, it is recommended that you start with a private SSM registration to make it easier to acquire a bank account.


Business bank account I strongly recommend Maybank for simple business banking, but you may be needed to provide RM1500 for the first account opening.


What license do I need to open a pet store in Malaysia? Permits and licenses vary by municipal council. There are conditions that do not allow you to open a pet shop next to the restaurant. Some also require approval from the veterinary department before you can get a license. Check


BRANDING is essential for telling your customers about your pet shop's brand. Choose a name that is both acceptable and memorable. It will be your company's legacy.

1. Set a budget for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok advertising. Make absolutely sure you select the best advertising agency.

2. Create a offline banner near premise - If you wish to tell that we have just opened a store, make sure the sentence is relevant to the opening.

3. Join the community groups on Facebook and Telegram to let us know about the launch of your petshop.

How can you make your customer happy?

Pet owners are extremely protective of their cats or dogs. No surprise, given that they are willing to spend tens of thousands of ringgit per year on their child. So remind yourself and your team to be more empathetic and sensitive to their pet's condition. Before entering this sector, make sure you have a deep understanding of cat or dog care.

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Looking to buy a pet store?

If you want to discover an existing pet store, consider making ensure

1. Pet shop location that is strategic
2. The pet shop business is not suffering.
3. Stock fast-selling pet supply items. Refer to the best cat food

How much money can you make owning a pet store?

Depends on location & type of business or services, you can make atleast RM10,000I to RM100,000 per month. In conclusion, two out of every three Malaysians own a pet. According to Petotum data, our average customer has at least two pets registered. The pet shop business has significant potential and can be expanded. We hope you found this article beneficial.

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