How a petcare management system can help a pet business save RM24,000 per year

Shifa Azahar
January 4, 2022
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Many businesses have shifted online since covid in order to provide more options to their customers. Meanwhile, pet parents' behaviour is also changing.

PetotumBIZ introduced in March 2021 during covid, with basic features such as online booking for pet hotel and grooming, as well as pet parent mobile apps. Then, in November 2021, we launched PetotumVET, an appointment system for veterinary clinics.

Strive to advance

Since then, we've received a lot of feedback on how to improve the system. We now have a variety of features, such as:

1) A system for managing pet grooming.

Maintain your slot grooming on a daily basis and secure your booking payment.

2) A management system for pet hotels.

Manage your pet hotel's check-in and check-out times, as well as capacity, by securing payment.

3) Pet records

Personalize your care by getting to know your furry visitor (pet data, behavior, vaccination & meal routine)

4) Activity logs

Send an update to the pet parent using the Petotum Pet diary.

5) Coupon management

Plan your online campaign for your existing customers easily.

6) The listing

Increase your exposure to over 30,000 visitors per month.

7) Create an invoice

Make your own invoice and accept payment in cash or online.

8) Make an inventory

Manage your inventory online and connect it to our invoice.

9) Reports

A detailed report to help you improve your pet-care service.

10) Clinic data

With pet medical records, you can make clinic operations more efficient.

11) Queuing up

During operation time, manage your patient via app with queuing management.

12) Make an appointment

Make it simple for your customers to book appointments online.

Taking Advantage of Emerging Trends

Since covid, many businesses have shifted online in order to provide more options to their customers. Meanwhile, as a result of digitalization, pet parents' behaviour is changing. Petotum Pet Parents are a group of people aged 50 to 65 who regularly update their pet's information and make booking on Petotum.

We are committed to assisting your business in growing alongside us.

Petcare that was fully utilising PetotumBIZ saw a 100% increase in transaction volume, with the Petotum booking system assisting in up-selling more items/services while making a booking.

How can you save more money?

You can use your resources to do other things while using Petotum, allowing you to truly maximise your petcare capacity!

This petcare manage their operation with 2 people doing grooming, pet hotel & pet taxi at the same time. They don't have to entertain customer on booking capacity etc because Petotum handle it for them. They just need to focus what the do the best & the result is much more better!

Don't pass up this opportunity!

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