🚀 UPDATES - PetotumBIZ Support Walk-in Customers⚡

Shifa Azahar
January 29, 2022
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We're releasing speed and performance improvements every other week, sometimes more frequently, in our ongoing effort to make Petotum better.

Speed & Performance Improvements

This week's highlights:

- Even faster overall loading 🏎️

- Petcare can create a new invoice with the pet hotel and grooming services to support walk-in customers⚡

- Even better, pet parents will be notified via app to make payment on invoices generated by petcare📱

- Pet parent drop off at payments page? Not to worry, we are already optimising petcare sales by sending abandon cart emails and app notifications.

- Petcare also manage to add more area for grooming services, which means more slots and more sales opportunity!!

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort, we took extra focus this week on eliminating key bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:


- FIXED: Booking for vet service redirected to error page

- FIXED: Yearly pricing for next year should be normal price

- FIXED: Subscription: To grey out subscription for vet module for pet care without vet module

- FIXED: Subscription: Pet Care indicated has subscribed module upon attempt to change subscription.

- FIXED: Subscription: The change link "subscribe now" to a button

- FIXED: Select branch: Change from approved to active

- FIXED: Banner on dashboard: Reposition to above latest transaction and latest activity

Vet module

- FIXED: Vet Appointment: No calendar appear in the filtering date

- FIXED: Vet Appointment: Uploaded file name is not neat in the 'Add Medical Record' form

- FIXED: Clinical Record : Upload file - Should show preview icon instead of filename

Hotel module

- FIXED: Pet hotel booking: The system displayed the time that has passed on the current day

- FIXED: Pet hotel check in - Status Early Check-In appear for passed check-in date

- FIXED: Hotel Booking: Check-in button for today's booking appear as 'Early Check-In'

- FIXED: Pet Hotel Pricing: To notify user to set pricing from 1 pet instead of directly set for eg: 6 pet

Pet records

- FIXED: pet records : booking history error

Petcare page & booking

- FIXED: Business Page: Character hidden for long branch name


- FIXED: Report: The report didn't display the current month (mobile)

Add customer

- FIXED: add profile details : UI distorted (mobile)


- FIXED: petcare header: view page button for mobile

- FIXED: dashboard: mobile ui - help & support button align

- FIXED: dashboard: mobile UI - Quick link put all horizontal

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