How PetotumBIZ Covers All Facets of Petcare business from end to end?

Nizam Habibur
August 11, 2021
Petcare business
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While digitalising affects all businesses, we had focused primarily on the direct impact it will have on pet care businesses.

In our previous publication, we had discussed the importance of digitalising your business operations and their benefits. While digitalising affects all businesses, we had focused primarily on the direct impact it will have on pet care businesses. Many digitalising tools and applications are on the market today; however, we directed attention to one created specifically for the pet care industry, PetotumBIZ.

PetotumBIZ is a central business operations management platform specially curated to cater to the pet care industry, specifically the pet care services business. 

The platform covers all facets of the business from end to end:

1. Communications

The PetotumBIZ platform provides front-facing communications with your customers through features such as your webpage, a direct response to customer queries through a live chat feature and a straightforward, unique communications portal for cancellations and refund requests.

2. Operations Management

PetotumBIZ allows you to manage your operations efficiently by creating several features covering each juncture of your services like bookings/reservations, capacity and service slot management. The platform also provides information on individual bookings to allow you to allocate resources efficiently and provide the best quality care.

3. Business/Finacial Management

PetotumBIZ will present a transaction summary for you to have a quick overview of incoming payments and completed transactions. This will allow you to manage your financial resources better. PetotumBIZ partners will also receive a monthly business report/analysis to provide a deeper insight into your business performance and help you make informed decisions with the correct data analysis. 

4. Reports

Apart from business performance reports, PetotumBIZ also provides a concise Audit Report (based on DVS standards/guidelines) corresponding to a unique rating system. This report and rating will provide you with a distinct perspective of your business and assist you in improving your services and facilities.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are all faced with many challenges in conducting our day to day operations, and here at Petotum, we feel it too. Before the government-mandated MCOs, our business representatives had visited various pet care service providers to present our solution and demonstrate how our platform will benefit their operations. With the restrictions on travel currently, we have been unable to make physical visits to your premises. Since launching our latest program, the Petpreneur, we have taken the initiative to conduct our demonstrations virtually. The Petpreneur program was designed to ease the financial burden faced by our partners with a 12-month subscription waiver. This means you may become a PetotumBIZ partner and list your services on our platform free of charge.

To find out more about PetotumBIZ and how it can help transform your business digitally, book an online one-to-one session with us through this link :

You can choose the most convenient date and time for your online appointment with our consultant, and we will see you on Google Meet. You can use any device (smartphone, laptop or PC) for the session, and we will show on your screen the entire operation of the platform to see if it meets your requirements. The Petpreneur program is a limited opportunity as we have confined it to a certain number of participants. 

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to join us on PetotumBIZ and click that link right now!

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