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3 Super Easy Method To Potty Train a Puppy

October 24, 2022
potty train puppy
When you're busy or not home as much as you should be, here are some tips and tactics for potty training your new dog.

Your new puppy will be trained to use the toilet in no time with these three potty-training techniques!

The arrival of a new puppy is a joyful event for any family, but just as with the arrival of a new baby, there will be some growing pains and adjustment issues, not the least of which is potty training that lovely little dog.

Anyone who has ever potty trained a human baby will attest to the difficulty and length of the procedure. Therefore, while beginning to potty train your puppy, don't anticipate any immediate results.

Creating new behaviours is key

It takes time, effort, as well as patience and understanding, to potty train a puppy. It's important to keep in mind that pets are creatures of habit, therefore creating new behaviours is key. "It's critical to take kids outside frequently. I frequently advise pet owners to take their animals outside at least once each hour!

However, I'm already so busy, you may be saying right now. Perhaps you are, too. You shouldn't have a puppy in the first place, though, if you believe that you are too busy for it. Especially while they are young, puppies need a lot of care and attention. That doesn't mean assistance isn't accessible, though. There are a lot of fantastic services that will come to your home to take your pet for a walk so you can continue with your workday. If you won't be at home during the day, you should factor in the extra cost.

potty train puppy

You should keep an eye on your new puppy's activities because if you give them too much freedom to walk around the house, they'll discover their favourite area to relieve themselves. Vets adds that it's crucial to constantly give children praise if they successfully use the restroom outside since this will encourage them to behave properly in the future.

Then, it's all about creating new rituals and habits, rewarding good behaviour, and providing incentives. Several methods exist for doing this:

Method 1: Using a bell as a potty training tool

A clinical pet nutritionist named Johnna Devereaux claims that if you use it correctly, your dog will soon be able to alert you when they need to go outdoors. Devereaux advises against hanging bells on the door itself because doing so will desensitise your puppy to the sound. Instead, bells should be strung close to the door.

If you ring the bell every time you take your puppy outside to go potty when you first start, they will learn to associate that sound with the need to go outside and relieve themselves. If you forget to ring the bell, they will learn to associate that sound with the need to go outside and relieve themselves.

Method 2: Tie yourself to your dog

You will first need to attach your puppy to you in order to accomplish this.

In the case that the puppy has an accident, this stops them from using the potty in a "hidden" location. More importantly, if the owner can't get away from their puppy, it requires them to pay closer attention to how they act during the day. The owner need to be able to spot behavioural changes and choose when to take the puppy outside to do its business.

potty train puppy

Method 3: Use a crate and Potty Pads

For this, you'll require a few tools. "Set up a sleeping crate inside a bigger playpen. The crate should be small enough that the animal can only lay down in it to sleep and that there is no place for them to play or go potty inside.

Take it slow and be patient, always.

The time between bathroom breaks should be gradually extended throughout the week. If your dog does potty indoors, it simply means you need to extend the time between potty breaks for a little while before trying to move forward once again. If you're using the crate and playpen technique at the same time, at least it was on a potty pad for simple cleanup.

potty train puppy
potty train puppy

Never punish a dog for using the potty improperly.


Any errors committed were really the result of human error for failing to notice the warning indications before the accident! Simply proceed and attempt to arrive in time for the next one.

If this is all too much, what should I do? Think about adopting a young adult potty-trained dog from your neighbourhood shelter! Or, I'm sorry to advise, wait to buy a dog until you have the time to give it to it what it needs.

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