6 Step To Start A Vet Clinic In Malaysia (Checklist)

Shifa Azahar
June 26, 2022
Start A Vet Clinic
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When it comes to running a clinic, being a skilled veterinarian is only one piece of the puzzle. You are also in charge of running a business.

Pursuing a profession in veterinary medicine implies committing to a lifetime of learning. Attending veterinary school was only the beginning. To stay up with changing techniques and technology, you must continue to expand on your knowledge after graduation. You have much more to study since you want to start your own veterinarian clinic.

There are several factors to consider.

- How do you intend to fund a new vet clinic?

- Have you highly observed your competitors?

- How many employees will you need to hire?

It may look overwhelming, but you should not feel defeated. Many veterinarians successfully run their own clinics or hospitals. Join us as we look at all that goes into starting a veterinary clinic.

vet clinic

STEP 1. Make a Veterinary Clinic Business Plan

For an entrepreneur to be successful, they must have a clear plan. You may use it to map out your company's details and identify any unknowns. A few crucial things to think about are:

How much does it cost to start a veterinary clinic?

Location is crucial to the success of your business, as any owner of a veterinary clinic can tell you. It will be easier to maintain consistent business if you choose a location with plenty of pets (and/or agricultural animals) and clinics.

The list of extra materials you'll require is provided below, along with an estimation of your financial requirements:

Equipment for medicine and surgery: RM40,000.
Lab supplies: RM30,000.
Equipment for cage: RM5,000
Setting up a waiting area and exam rooms costs RM10,000.
RM1,000 for administrative/bookkeeping setup
RM3,500 per year for Veterinary Management software
Materials for marketing - RM2,300 to RM8,000 per month

If you have the initial funding, several veterinarians have found success by opening their doors with a clientele book they bought from another physician who had already established themselves.

Opening a business of this nature may be expensive; to find out whether a loan is available to establish a veterinary clinic, consider consulting with a loaning agency.

What are a veterinarian practice's recurring costs?

The lives of the patients in veterinary clinics frequently depend on having a constant supply of prescription medication on hand. One of your largest continuous costs will be the stock of medications and specialized foods. You must set aside some of your monthly money for a marketing plan till your company expands.

Payroll, however, will be your biggest and most significant expenditure. In order to ensure that the business functions like a well-oiled machine, your workforce is both on the front lines and working behind the scenes. More than anybody else, customers will interact with them. Treat your team members with the respect they deserve, and the company will benefit as a result.

Who is the target demographic?

The majority of your customers will fall into that group if you've chosen to specialise in a particular area of veterinary medicine, such as equine, surgical, or emergency care. For both normal care and "sick" visits, typical veterinarian clinics handle lizards, birds, and everything in between.

How can a veterinary clinic generate revenue?

A set visit fee is charged by veterinary clinics. Depending on the patient's demands, the cost of tests, X-rays, and prescription medication is added to the bill separately.

How much may you charge customers?

Depending on the local demographics, clinic visits might cost anything from RM20 to RM150. Get a price list from other businesses in the area to help you develop competitive pricing.

Preventives and chronic-use medications are priced at around 1.5–2 times cost, whereas traditional prescription pharmaceuticals are often marked at 2.5 times cost. 

vet clinic

How can you increase the profitability of your vet clinic?

Offering the extra items and services listed below has reportedly increased profits for veterinary practises:

1. Open a 24 hour vet hospital that focuses on urgent illnesses and emergency.

2. Become a provider for pet insurance companies that give advantages in line with the services you provide.

3. Accept a variety of payment methods, such as cash, credit cards, and pet insurance.

4. Focus on huge agricultural animals including cows, horses, and other large animals.

5. Sell a pet supply, such as food, cosmetics, and toys.

What will the name of your business be?

Choosing the ideal name is difficult and crucial. If you need assistance coming up with a name for your veterinary practise, refer guide from DVS

We advise conducting the following checks before registering a business name:

- Business registers for your state
- Records for trademarks
- Social media channels
- Availability of a web domain - Securing your domain name before someone else does is crucial.

STEP 2. Create a legal entity for your veterinary practise.

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), corporation (sdn bhd), and sole proprietorship are the three main forms of business structures.

In the event that your veterinarian practise is sued, creating a formal business organisation, like as an LLP or corporation, shields you from being held personally accountable.

It would benefit you if you had a company secretary before register your company at SSM and business tax.

STEP 3: Create a Business Bank Account and a Credit Card

For the protection of personal assets, it is crucial to use special business banking and credit accounts.

Your personal assets—your house, vehicle, and other valuables—are at danger if your firm is sued if your personal and business accounts are combined.

Additionally, understanding how to establish corporate credit may help you secure loans, credit cards, and other funding under your company's name rather of your own, as well as get better terms and credit limits.

Cost to setup bank account for business is around RM1,000 to RM2,500

STEP 4: Create an accounting system for your veterinary clinic.

Understanding your business's financial success depends on keeping track of all of your costs and revenue streams. Maintaining precise and thorough records also makes submitting your yearly taxes much simpler.

Suggesting software: Xero, Quickbooks, Bukku and Bizstory

STEP 5: Get the Permits and Licenses You Need for Your Veterinary Practice

The failure to get required permissions and licences may subject your company to severe fines or possibly closure.


All private veterinary clinics, surgeries, and animal hospitals must be owned and run by a veterinarian or veterinary surgeon listed on the Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVC) register in accordance with the MVC Guidelines. To practise veterinary medicine, newly graduated veterinarians from home and abroad must get their Annual Practising Certificate (APC).

Local and State Business License Requirements

Most states require that you receive a veterinarian licence from a board certification before you may practise veterinary. A veterinarian's business may require certain state permissions and licencing. Furthermore, certain local licencing or regulatory requirements may be required.

For further details on regional licences and permits:

- Consult the local authority (municipal council) in your town or city.


Requisites for workplace safety

Following all National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) regulations is crucial which as follow:

- Suitable hazard identification
- When using potentially harmful equipment, take the appropriate safety procedures.


STEP 6. Create a Veterinary Practice Brand

Your company's brand is what it stands for and how the public views it. Your company will stand out from rivals if it has a strong brand.

How to promote and advertise a veterinary clinic

You may announce your opening in a number of ways to the pet parent community. Every business owner in the current day has to have a website and social media accounts. These are excellent resources for informing and recruiting members of the community. Additionally, you may run advertisements on the social media newspapers.

Some clinics have had considerable success by collaborating with other nearby petcare service. Make contact with a neighbourhood pet groomer and give incentives for each reference. When your company is ready to launch, it's also a wonderful idea to hold an open house. This provides a chance for both parties to get to know one another and decide whether there is a suitable fit.

How to get new customer?

Many times, pet owners feel just as protective of their pets as they do of their kids. Your best form of advertising will thus be word of mouth. Word will go out quickly if you employ an approachable and experienced team, provide first-rate patient care, and use high-quality medication.

It's also a wonderful idea to create an outreach programme where past consumers are encouraged to bring their dogs in for routine exams in order to guarantee that your clients stay repeat customers.


The Asia Pacific animal healthcare market reached a value of USD 28.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of about 5.7% from 2021 to 2027. In Malaysia, there are around 1,056,000 pet owners with at least two pets. As a professional and business owner, you may use this chance to provide better care for pets in Malaysia.

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