Top 3 Takeaways From SITEC's Selangor Accelerator Programme 2019

Afifah Basir
August 8, 2019
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On April 2019, Petotum was selected as Top 30 Finalist for SAP2019 Batch 2. It was a 4 months programme packed with classes and activities catered for startups.

On April 2019, Petotum was selected as Top 30 Finalist for SAP2019 Batch 2. It was a 4 months programme packed with classes and activities catered for startups.

SAP2019 was the first appearance from Petotum in the startup scene. When we applied for SAP2019, we are not sure whether we can make it as we are still new. Just launched in January and somehow, we managed to grab a spot in SAP2019 and we were shocked and thrilled at the same time when we received the news.

We are always grateful that SITEC gave us the opportunity to join SAP2019 because this accelerator has changed our startup and our life so much. We have great batchmates, experienced mentors as well as PICs who been so supportive to all of us.

1. Accelerator programme is the best place to find people who understand you and your struggles

Because together, we can conquer everything!

Most of us are struggling on a daily basis. Whether about our startup, personal and even relationship. So, along the way as entrepreneurs, we might lose friends but on the bright side, we met new friends too. But this time, with additional perks - entrepreneurs, persistence and complete with a growth mindset. As for us, we are glad that we met awesome people as our batchmates.

The happy smile after every class (including the pool and PS4 session)

These are our awesome batchmates and do check them out!

2. Get to know the mentors and people in startup industry

Our field trip to Photobook Worldwide

For some people, getting to know the mentors is just like another posting on facebook to get more likes. But for us, we had our turning points with Petotum after the 1st pitch session. The feedback that we received from the panels and mentors really help us to improve our presentation skills as well as our pitch deck.

These mentors, in fact, became our friends even after we completed the programme and been supporting us along the way throughout our journey. You will never know that someday, you might work together with them or even become their strategic partner.

3. Never treat other startups as your competitor

Our pitch practice session, a few days before demo day

As Zoey from Life Origin always said to us, never treat other startups in the same industry as your competitors. You might miss the chance to collaborate in the future or even to grow further.

Since then, we always look into on how to collaborate with other startups to make us go faster. We could complement each other with each others' strengths and advantages.

For any newbie out there (like us!), if you feel you are still new and still got a long way to go, do join any accelerator programme available (local or international) because you will definitely learn a lot, meet a lot of people along the way and grow your startup at the same time.

Even though SAP2019 has ended, we feel closer than ever. We don't really see each other as often, but the friendship remains.

It's a wrap!
This is not a race, it's a journey. Afifah basir
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