What Is A Microchip? Should You Microchip Your Cat or Dog?

Shifa Azahar
August 9, 2021
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A pet microchip can be used to permanently link information about your pet and you. Find out more about pet microchip in Malaysia

Having a cat or dog is like having another family member. Unlike a family member, however, our pets regularly instinct to wander or run off and get lost. And when they get lost, they can not let anyone know who they are or where they came from. There are some helpful steps you can take, such as microchipping your pets. A microchip can be used to permanently link information about your pet and you (his owner) to him so that people who have lost your pet can find out who he is. Then they can return him home safely if they know how to read a microchip.If you want to find out if you should have your pet microchipped, read on. You'll learn more about what a microchip is, how to put it in your pet, and the benefits it has for your pet.

What Is A Pet Microchip?

A microchip is a small electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder. This chip emits a radio wave. The radio wave can be scanned, and the chip is tagged with an ID number. There are pet recovery databases where you can register your pet's ID number. They also record your contact information in conjunction with this ID number. If your pet is lost and someone finds it, they can take it to a vet or shelter, have it scanned, and then determine that the pet has escaped you. This is a safe and reliable way to recover lost pets if they ever run away from home. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), high-tech microchips are often used by experts in zoos or animal studies. These microchips can detect things like body temperature.

How Does Microchipping A Pet Work? Is It Painful?

According to the experts at the AVMA, microchip implantation is almost entirely painless for your pet. It's as routine and straightforward as vaccinating your pet during a regular vet visit. Your veterinarian simply injects the microchip into the loose skin near your pet's shoulder with a hypodermic needle. The procedure does not require surgery or anaesthesia. However, some pet owners choose to chip their pet during other medical procedures that require anaesthesia, so the chip is inserted while the pet is asleep.This often happens during a spay or neuter or when your pet is asleep to have his teeth brushed at the vet's office. A microchip can stay in your pet for a long time, and unless your pet lives longer than an average pet's life, it will remain for its entire life. Experts at Humane Society say that most microchips are designed to work in your pet for about 25 years.

How Do You Register Your Pet's Microchip in Malaysia?

While most veterinarians in Malaysia are licensed to vaccinate and microchip your pets, the cost of microchipping isn't standardized and varies from RM20 to RM30.

Are Microchips Safe For Pets?

There are some risks associated with microchipping your pet. While these complications are extremely rare, you should be aware of them. The microchip can be implanted incorrectly. Studies have been done to determine if cancerous tumours that developed near the pets' implantation sites caused the microchip, but the results are inconclusive. The American Veterinary Medical Association states, "The risk of your pet developing cancer because of his microchip is very, very small and is far outweighed by the improved likelihood of getting your pet back if he is lost."

What Are The Benefits Of Microchipping Your Pets?

If you are wondering, should I microchip my pet? It is worth considering all the benefits of microchipping. Here are some of the benefits this technology can bring to your pet.1. Find Your Lost PetThis is the main benefit of microchipping your pet. If someone finds your pet and knows about microchipping, they will most likely take your pet to a vet or shelter to have the microchip scanned. They may then contact you to let you know they have found your pup. Please note: A microchip is not a tracking device, meaning a person must bring your pet in to be scanned if they want to find out who you are. You cannot use GPS to find out where your microchipped pet is.2. Prove A Stolen Pet Is YoursThis is less likely than a runaway, but if your pet is stolen and you discover it or suspect the person who stole it, you can use the microchip to prove that it is your pet.Microchipping is a simple, painless and effective way to ensure your pet can be identified once away from home. Talk to your veterinarian today about your options.

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