Donate Pet Food to Help Strays

Purchase the pet food online and deliver to selected the address. Our team will help to distribute the supplies to our awesome volunteers!

How it works?

1. Fill-in details

Key-in your details for us  for us to track the stock & record purposed.You will be redirect to after submitting the form.

2. Purchased from any pet food from Misha

Choose any pet food listed by Misha according to your budget to donate for this initiative

3. Deliver to this address

To: Petotum
Tel: +6011-54066388
Address: Deux Alpha Tech Sdn Bhd (FKA Petotum Sdn Bhd), The Foundation @ Jooblii, 30-2, Jalan Elektron F U16/F, Denai Alam, 40160 Shah Alam, Selangor

4. We distribute the pet food to the volunteers

We will help to distribute the supplies to our awesome volunteers for them to feed the strays.

Help the volunteers to feed the strays by
donating pet food

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