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digital pet ID
digital pet ID

Digital Pet records

Don’t Lose Your Pet Records Again

Many people think that maintaining pet records is not really important.

  • How many of you have lost a vaccination card?
  • Or looking for new vets and are unable to track the pets medical records?
  • Or your petcare providers keep asking about their diets & behaviour?

How it’s better?

We have curated our Pet ID solution specifically for pets. Its means all your pets records including meal plans, medical conditions, behaviour, and vet details will be recorded in one package that’s easy to access.

Make It Easy For Petcare Provider

Share Pet Profile Details

You don't have to keep repeating fill-in your pet details.

Personalize Profile

Your pets meal schedule & their behaviour records will be a precious piece of information for pet care providers including pet hotels, groomers, pet taxis, dog walkers or pet trainers. Knowing your pet will help them take care of your pet better.

How it’s better?

Imagine if they know your pets allergies or what your pets don’t like; the pet care provider can avoid anything that can hurt or upset your pet.

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Keep Your Pets Safe & Sound

A pet profile or Digital Pet ID is your number one priority to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. It’s the first step towards keeping a pet healthy, happy, free from injury and accidents.

How it’s better?

Each pet profile is assigned with a QR code. & can be printed on their collar. If your pet goes missing, this can be really helpful. Rescuers can scan the QR, go to their profile & get in touch with you.

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