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Responsible pet ownership

Smart Pet ID TagPro Version🤩

✅ Direct contact to owner when scan the QR.
✅ Notify your pet care provider easily on your pet's diet, behaviour, and veterinarian information.
✅ Missing alert to pet community (coming soon).

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What is Smart Pet ID? 🤔

It's an improved pet collar with a pet profile. To make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable, digital pet ID should be your first priority. It's the first step in ensuring that a pet is safe, secure, and free from accidents and injuries.

Pet care services like pet hotels, groomers, pet taxis, dog walkers, or pet trainers will value knowing your pet's meal schedule and behaviour history. Knowing your pet will enable them to provide better care for it.

Digital Pet ID
Digital Pet ID
Digital Pet ID
Pet ID tag

Digital Pet ID

Your pets might not microchip yet, but with Petotum, your pet now can have their very own digital ID.

Pet Diary

Manage your pet records in one place.

Adopt pet

Pet Medical Record

Own your pet medical record & share with other vet or petcare.

Discover Services

Save up time spent on enquiries via phone call or WhatsApp

Adopt Pet

Are you looking for a buddy to bring home with? You’re in luck!


Pet Community United

Help other pets in your area by reporting missing pets or adopt a pet via our community platform.

How Smart Pet ID Tag can help your pet?

Each pet profile has its own unique QR code. This is very useful in the event that your pet goes missing. Rescuers can scan the QR, go to their profile & get in touch with you.

For pet care provider, imagine if they know your pets allergies or what your pets don’t like; the pet care provider can avoid anything that can hurt or upset your pet.

Try PetotumPRO with Smart Pet ID Tag

We're here to relief some of the stress associated with pet ownership so you can concentrate on what really matters—living a long and happy life together.

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What you need to know about
Smart Pet ID Tag🧘

PetotumPRO was created to give cat owners the assurance that they can regularly monitor their cat's health & location information.

Do I need to pay monthly?

No, you only need to pay once, but invited users can only use it right now.

Can I updated my pet details after purchase?

Yes, you may update your pet's information at any time with the FREE Petotum app.

Can I use for other animals?

Petotum only supports profiles for cats and dogs right now, but we'll soon add information about other animals too.

Can I know my pet location real-time?

Although the QR function is now quite minimal, we may eventually grow to a more advanced pet ID tag with real-time pet location soon.

How can I be chosen as beta user?

We'll make sure that every pet owner has access to the smart pet ID tag, and the invitation will shortly arrive in your mailbox.

What are the Alternatives to pet ID tag?

Use of our pet ID profile is always free. Simply create an account here to have your own pet profile.