Dog Rescuer received RM50 from kind-hearted netizen.

Her first time in 5 years someone given her money for rescuing strays.

Grateful woman were touched when a kind hearted netizen handed her RM50 after seeing a rescued dog in her car.

Image Credit: Mandy Yeap

Mandy Yeap shared her wholesome rescue journey on Facebook when a kind hearted Abang give her money as a token of appreciation.

She was on her way to Serdang to visit a friend after bringing the rescued dog to see a veterinarian in Puchong.

She realised the dog looked thirsty after the clinic visit, she decided to stop by a petrol station to get some water for the rescue dog.

Yeap came out of the toilet with water in a styrofoam box that was used earlier to store her breakfast.

The Malay man sees her having trouble trying to open the door decided to help her instead. The abang asked her if there was anything wrong.

“I told him that I had recently rescued the dog off the streets and was worried it didn’t have enough water to drink and it looked thirsty”, she said.

“You’re a really good person, the heavens will definitely be watching over you”.

Image Credit: Mandy Yeap

The abang complimented her and went off to the convenience store.

She was about to leave to ensure the dog has enough water. The abang came back to stop her and handed her RM50 note, saying, “This is for the doggy to see a doctor.”

Initially, she declined the money, but he insisted said he wanted to do some charity for the dog.

She accepted the money filled with emotions as this is the first time someone gave her money in her years of rescuing journey.

I wanted to thank him by asking his name. The abang refused and simply said, “God Knows” and went back to his car.

Yeap’s Facebook post of the encounter has received over 8,700 reactions and been shared over 2,900 times since it was posted on Monday, 3 August

Image Credit: Mandy Yeap

A story like this doesn’t get enough recognition or publication. We always strive to shine a light on stories like this to inspire a rescuer to be part of this fantastic initiatives.

Petotum team always treats pets as part of our family; we still want the best for our pets by choosing the best food, toys & pet care facilities for them.

We hope this story inspires you to continue to be a benefactor to our strays on the street and find them a home they deserve and love.


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