Feeding stray animals during Coronavirus?

The sudden closure of restaurants or roadside stalls in Malaysia have forced our fur babies to search for their source of nutrition in unhygienic places such as garbage area to survive through this pandemic season and to aid their starvation.

There are increasing numbers of stray dogs and cats in Malaysia abandoned, while others have roamed far from their usual spots to search for foods. Madden-Kanellopoulo, a co-founder of Nine Lives Greece, mentions that strays are in a vulnerable state; thus, they are more likely to trust and approach people during such times.

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Are we allowed to feed strays during times like this?

There is no concrete evidence that shown feeders are not allowed to feed strays.

Feeders are advice to take extraordinary precautions to reduce the personal risks of being infected. One of the feeders is taking precautions by wearing masks, gloves, and sanitizing after feeding the animals.

As much as we care for our well-being, some animals living on the streets also deserve to be cared for. Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals president Ricky Soong said he understood that feeders care for stray animals. Still, they should adhere to the SOP that was regulated by the government, also look after their health and of their family members as well.

How can you help with minimal contact?

To ease strays hunger, feeders, or strays, food volunteers could put some food and water outside of their house to prevent strays rummage through dustbins and creating a mess.

Stray Animals Adoption.

Feeder Joanne Low encouraged feeders to continue feeding.

Low hoped that Malaysians would start adopting strays during trying times like this to reduce the burden of feeders.

Those who are interested in adopting can send private message Low at Facebook Page. I Need A Home – Woofs, and Meows.

Source: https://theconversation.com/everyday-ethics-is-it-ok-to-feed-stray-cats-during-the-coronavirus-crisis-138231

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