How To Transport an Injured Pet to Hospital?

How To Transport an Injured Pet to Hospital?

Whether your pets had been hit by a car, attacked by another animal, or has eaten something harmful, providing him with immediate care is crucial for an accurate and good prognosis.

It is also important to know how to lift and transport an injured pet safely and without worsening the injuries.

1 Safety Environment

If a pet has been hit by a car, it is important to have some help to divert traffic while emergency transport is arranged. Bystanders or people nearby can be asked to help, but it’s important to not run into the road to rescue an injured pet without a way to divert traffic.

Everything will be made worse if the rescuer is also hit or injured in the roadway. It takes a bit of time to carefully and safely manage to wrap and move an injured animal, so even if the road is clear while starting emergency care, drivers coming upon a scene may not be able to see a person crouched down over an injured pet. Try to find help with diverting traffic.

2 Contact Pet Hospital or Vet immediately

Contact the emergency vet number and make sure there will be someone available after transport to care for the animal.

Our natural tendency, when faced with a pet in pain, is to get close and speak soothingly; to let the animal see our face. This doesn’t always work for the best with badly hurt animals. When both frightened and in pain, the animal may not recognize our voice or touch; the most common response is to lash out at anyone seen as dangerous. Never assume you can calm or comfort a pet who is in pain or badly injured immediately after the injury.

What does help is swaddling the animal with a blanket or towel to prevent movement and further injury? By wrapping a towel or blanket around the animal, you can hold injured bones and joints still, help staunch bleeding, and use the edges to carry the animal safely.

3 How to use a Blanket to carry

There is no way to move and transport a badly injured pet to the hospital without causing more pain while wrapping and carrying. However, there are ways to reduce the pain. First, avoid putting your face near the animal to speak to it or try to soothe. While this natural inclination works with children and babies, animals may lash out in pain and fear. A second person can also help.

If a large dog is badly injured and unable to move, place the towel over the head and a blanket down on the road next to the dog. With another person, lift the dog onto the blanket by holding under the shoulders and one under the hips. Lift just enough to slide onto the blanket and then wrap the edges of the blanket around so the dog can’t move.

A cat or small dog, lay a towel over the top, then tuck it around their sides before lifting them onto another blanket or towel. Use the two towels together to provide firm swaddling for the body. This will help reduce bleeding and also stabilize injured bones and joints.

Source: American Kennel Club

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