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Camp Kitty JB – Basic Grooming For Cat Cat Grooming

21, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru

Send Kitty for a little pampering session, or let us give Kitty a departure bath on his last day so he gets to come home all fresh, fluffy and snuggle-worthy​.



Package Details

  • Basic Grooming

    Basic grooming consists of a water bath with shampoo, blow dry, fur brushing, nail clipping, eye & ear cleaning, sanitary area & paw pad trimming.

    RM 50


  • Flea & Tick Treatment

    Basic Grooming + Flea & Tick Treatment. Includes combing using a fine flea comb, bath using de-flea shampoo, Flea & Tick preventive medication.

    RM 25
  • Dematting

    Mats are clumps of hair that have become entangled or knotted over time. The mats can become uncomfortable and even painful for your cat.

    RM 10
  • Degreasing

    Cats – especially un-neutered males, can have a section of their tails get extremely greasy because their hormones make the glands produce more oil.

    RM 10
  • Fungal Treatment

    Disinfecting of affected areas, bath using medicated shampoo (Meladerm), spot treat with anti-fungal spray on affected areas.

    RM 10

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