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Park City Pet Boarding – Standard Room For Dog Dog Hotel

1-2, Jln Radin Bagus 5, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Question: What is the cost of boarding?
Our Standard Rate is 50 per night per dog.  That includes maximized free roaming time throughout the day, as well as a private kennel for feeding and sleeping.  We are a dedicated daycare and boarding business, which means that we do not cage the dogs in a back room as a “side business”.  We give them as much play time as possible, depending on their temperament and health.

Question: Is there a discount for multiple dogs/long stays?
Yes of course.  There is a 20% discount for the total stay, for more than one dog and for more than 5 nights.  That applies to boarding (not grooming), until December 15.

Question: Is food included?
Generally, we recommend that you bring the food that the dog is used to.  We can feed your pet, however, we do not recommend that since he/she will be more comfortable with familiar food.

Question: what if there is an emergency?
Of course, we keep you notified along the way.  There is a veterinarian which is right around the corner if needed.  Businesss will need to pay for expenses.

Anything else?
Please remember to show proof of vaccination, for the safety of all the dogs here as well as the employees.

*Please be sure your pet has been treated for fleas and ticks.  There is an extra fee if the dog requires treatment.  RM 50 for the application of tick prevention.

Question: Do you take rottweilers?
At this time, we are not properly equipped to take in active and energetic large dogs.

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