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Urban Cat Centre – Basic Grooming For Cat Cat Grooming

1-39, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Cats are known to be a fastidious self-groomer and it seems to spend most of its life either sleeping or grooming. But they also need your help to maintain healthy fur and skin

Grooming is about more than just keeping your cat looking good. Grooming your cat on a regular basis will also help you to keep an eye on its health. And grooming your cat can even help to prevent feline health issues such as digestive problems caused by hairballs. Regular grooming can also help to improve the health of your cat’s skin and coat.

Important Details:
Please read our requirement section before check-in.

  • Don’t wait until last minute to vaccinate and flea-control your cat. Bring along the evidence that you have vaccinated and flea-controlled your cats. We will keep the records for your next visit.
  • Limited seats of cat day care are available everyday, please call us before your arrival.
  • No day care service during Sunday and public holiday.
  • If your cat needs to eat wet food, please bring the can food they normally eat at home or you can buy the can food from our store.
  • It is regret that we cannot accept guinea pigs, hamster and rabbits for day care.
  • 5% discount will be given on second to fourth visits. 10% discount will be given on fifth visit onwards. Check more here
  • To avoid cat mishandling (eg; cat abandonment), you are required to pay the full amount of fees check-in. We only accept cash payment.
  • If, in our opinion, a veterinary surgeon service is required, any fees incurred are to be paid by the owner of the cat upon collection.
  • Whilst every possible care and attention are given to each cat, in the event of any unfortunate event, a post-mortem shall be conducted to investigate the reason of the demise and the post-mortem fees incurred are to be shared by owner and Urban Cats Centre.




  • Fleas & Mites Treatment
    RM 10
  • Lion HairCut
    RM 40
  • Cat Bath & Wash

    De matting & Brushing

    RM 10

Day Care

  • Full Day Care

    RM18 per session or RM3 per hour

    RM 18
  • Hourly Care

    RM9 for first 3 hours

    RM 3

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