Mink lashes: beauty with a price

Warning: Story contains disturbing images and video footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

Image Credit: JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter/Facebook

Mink lashes easily add an instant glow or glamour look to any eye makeup. The production of mink lashes comes with huge sacrificial.

A post that was uploaded by JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter revealed a group of photos of mink with a disfigured face and a group of mink enclosed in small cages.

Image Credit: JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter/Facebook

Mink is one of the most popular animal fur lashes extensions are made from, but the journey to make such “graded” lashes often were under-publicized.

Vendors who sell eyelashes or eyelash extensions has no idea they were made out of mink from real animal.

Journey to produce mink lashes

Image Credit: JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter/Facebook

Mink’s are kept in confined cages. Animals that kept is solidarity would often shown signs of distress.

They tend to suffer depression and anxiety due to being confined in unhygienic places for long hours.

They are tied in chains and wooden belt with their heads pinned down.

Later on, they’ll use hair brusher through excessive brushing till mink hair falls, and they’ll be brush all day with no breaks.

Mink’s skins or body will start peeling or bleeding due to excessive brushing.

Half of the world doesn’t know mink’s are animal.


Consumers or users are advice to boycott or ban purchasing non cruelty free products to reduce the production of animal cruelty products.

We advise consumers to take the extra step to find out what the products are made of before purchasing.

Consumers could also opt for synthetic cruelty free lashes to help and aid situation like this.


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