Pet Care Business: 4 Key Takeaways to Success in Conversions

What’s one of the first things you’ll do when you first started a pet care business?

Setting up a website.

But how do you make your pet care business stand out? Or how do you gain traction and visitors through your website? How do you turn your potential customer to actual customers that’ll be using your services?

Ensure Your Pet Care Website is Mobile & User Friendly

A study conducted by Digital Influence Lab stated that about 71% of Malaysians time online was on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly sites are paramount to a positive experience for mobile-based search & customer engagement on your website. There are 2 ways to have a mobile & user-friendly website:

1) Have separate sites for mobile & desktop browsers

“User-agent detection” routes users on mobile devices to a particular website optimized for mobile. “Since only the mobile-specific content, styles, and scripts are sent to mobile users, this method also provides for the best performance out of any of the other options presented here.”

The second approach is to have a responsive design, where your website responds automatically to different user-agents and screen-sizes. Many hosted web-page builders (like WordPress-where this blog is hosted) automatically provide responsive sites, which work well across both mobile and desktop.

2. Have a Clear Call To Action

Mobile users are likely to move fast on a decision. Make it clear and comfortable for your prospects to know how to contact you and make an inquiry.

KEY TIP: Ensure your ‘contact us’ or ‘make a reservation’ call-to-action stays ‘high and left’ on your site, so it’s easy for prospects to know exactly how to engage with you right away.

3. Convenient Online Inquiries, Self Registration & Make Reservation Requests

Even though mobile-users are on their phone, well, many actually don’t want to talk on the phone (ironic, yes?). Plus, it’s expensive for you to pay your staff to answer the phone all the time and the last thing you want to do is lose a prospect if the line is busy.

Use an effective online lead capture form and online ‘customer portal’ with your software, so you never miss an opportunity for a new customer.

4. Include Educational Content

Whether in blog-posts, FAQ-sections, or detailed, informative pages, providing pet-care information helps build trust and sets your business apart as an ‘authority’ on pet-care that your customers can rely on.

If you’re a pet business owner and find it troublesome to do any of this, we could simplify the process for you in Petotum; we will turn your potential customers to actual customers, sign up with us and find out more what we could offer!

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Lai Elise

I am currently earning my undergrad program in Public Relations from HELP University. I entered the pet technology industry to explore my passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing.In addition to my primary job functions, my past experiences involve translating and localizing for clients based in Asia and the United States.

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