Pet Food: Kibbles VS Air-Dried Food

Pet Food: Dried Food VS Kibbles

Food is the most important source of nutrients for humans and pets. Pets relied heavily on kibbles or air dried food as their source of nutrients.

The real question is, what’s the difference between these two types of pet food? Which will be healthier or contains more nutrients or safe for our fur babies to consume?

What is Air Dried or Dehydrated Pet Food?

Air dried pet food or dehydrated pet food is removing water from the food through low heat.

Basically, the food will be processed through a dehydrator which is the name of the machine. A dehydrator machine is an effective way to get rid of potential bacteria, yeast, or mould.

Air-dried food has gained more popularity over the years because of its ability to protect heat-sensitive nutrients. It could serve as a healthy snack or complete meal for our fur babies to keep retain vital nutrients in their bodies.

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What is Kibbles?

Kibble is a crumbled biscuit that’ll be baked and transformed into a tasty treat for pets.

The process to make kibbles is called extrusion where ingredients were cooked together in liquid form and then mechanically push through an extruder.

Which is GOOD for your pets?

Air-dried diets offer excellent nutrition with the scoop-and-serve convenience of kibble.

Air-drying is a slow and gentle process that naturally preserves nutrients in the raw ingredients, while eliminating harmful pathogens.

The result is a shelf-stable, nutrient-dense, highly digestible diet that is free from artificial preservatives.

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