Pet Hotel Management System

Automate Booking

for your Pet Hotel

Digitise your business & save your time

What is PetotumBIZ ?

Running a pet care business is hard. PetotumBIZ makes it easy. PetotumBIZ is a management system specific for pet care business based on love for animals. Managing pet care business manually can be challenging and take more time than using automated system.

What the difference?

Manual Booking
Booking via Petotum
Customer Enquiry
Phone call, Whatsapp
Instant Pricing
Slot Management
Manual using calendar
Automatic Slot
No Cost
Cost Effective
Payment Gateway
Manual Online Transfer
Debit/Credit Card,
Online Transfer, GRABPay
Booking Automation
Yes, Save more time
Notification to Customer
Yes, via mobile app & email

Many trusted Pet Hotel brands in Malaysia use PetotumBIZ

How It Works?

Manage Booking Slot

Consider us like for pets, we help you manage & maximise your booking. Your customer don’t need to call or Whatsapp to you to check on room availability.

Secure Payment from customer

Customer required to make full payment via online to secure their pet’s service slot. This can avoid a last minutes ‘no show’.

Automate Your Operation

You will receive daily notification & summary on your booking. It will help your operation to manage their daily task. Your customer also will receive reminder on their booking.

We're more than a management system.

Customer & Pet Profile

Get to know your customer & their pet before service. It also include pet behavior, meal schedule & medical records.

Activity Updates

Send direct update during booking. Customer will receive their pet updates via Petotum mobile app.


Reward your customer using coupon or launch a promotion to attract more new customer to make booking.


System will automatic create service invoice to your customer.

Automatic Reminder

Receive automatic notification on new booking & boarding status.

Manage Task

More time to focus on take care of the pet by doing multiple task based on schedule.

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