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Is it worth buying pet insurance for your cat or dog? Here's what you should consider.

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What is pet insurance? 🤔

Pet insurance is a type of health insurance that can assist in covering the cost the bill of veterinarian care if your pet suffers an illness or injury.

Pet insurance can give you peace of mind 📝

There are advantages and disadvantages to obtaining pet insurance, but it can provide you with piece of mind if something goes wrong.

Worry Free Vet Bill🔗

Before you take into account medications, surgery, and emergency care, annual vet bills for dogs are projected to cost roughly RM400 and for cats around RM270.

Claims can be quick and easy 👥

It can be simple and quick to file a claim and receive reimbursement if your veterinarian and insurance are set up for pre-approval and electronic claiming.

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Find out how we can help you with pet insurance💭

Pet insurance exists to give policyholders financial security and peace of mind, much like other types of insurance.

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Pet insurance can help you with vet medical bill💰

If an unexpected accident happens or your pet needs treatment, having pet insurance means that part or most of the financial burden will be eased, allowing you to concentrate on providing your pet with the finest care possible.

Additionally, you're less likely to find yourself in the terrible circumstance of having to put your pet to sleep because you cannot afford the pricey treatment—a pet owner's worst fear.

Average Veterinary Care Costs in Malaysia📈

The annual expense of keeping a pet can be in the hundreds to the thousands of dollars range. The highest expense is food, followed by veterinary costs.


Average visit cost

Cost include basic checkup, consultation fee & medication


Average cost for emergency

Cost include basic checkup, blood test, xray and other lab test


Average cost for recovery

Cost include recovery & medication

WANT to have pet insurance? 💭

Pet ownership is increasing, and the costs of veterinary care are also on the rise. Get your pet covered!

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What you need to know about insurance for cat & dog🧘

Pets are expensive, it's a reality. The survey predicts that pet owners will spend $USD180 billion on their pets in 2030. This figure takes into account expenditures for things like food, medicine, supplies, and veterinary care; if your pet is insured, you might be able to get a sizable percentage of those out-of-pocket expenses covered.

Do you wish to know more? Here are the answers to your most urgent concerns regarding pet insurance:

Is pet insurance similar to human health insurance?

Yes. Similar to human health insurance, you'll pay a monthly payment that is often based on the species, breed, and age of your pet.

Depending on the policy, your insurance provider may then cover some or all of the necessary treatments and procedures.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

The majority of pet insurance policies cover a variety of diseases and accidents, but they don't typically cover preventative care, like yearly checkups, vaccines, lab work, and regular dental cleanings.

Although many providers offer coverage for these services for an extra fee, some other forms of care, such complementary therapy or behaviour modification, may also not be covered.

Are there various types of pet insurance?

Yes. The majority of insurance companies give both full and restricted coverage options. Limited-coverage insurance are only used for emergencies, such bites, foreign body ingestion, bloat, and poisoning, whereas comprehensive policies cover a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, including genetic and congenital problems.

Some insurance providers additionally offer coverage for expenses linked to breeding, behaviour modification, and supplementary and preventative treatment for an extra fee.

What about pre-existing conditions in pet insurance?

Pre-existing conditions are one of several elements that might have an impact on the insurance coverage for your pet.

Many pet insurance companies consider an illness to be pre-existing from the moment when symptoms are noticed, not at the time of diagnosis. That implies the disease could not be covered if your pet was showing symptoms of a sickness or injury prior to getting insurance.

It's crucial to remember that most pet insurance policies also include waiting periods before full coverage begins—these can range from a few days to a month. The best course of action is to insure your pet as soon as you can to make sure he qualifies for the greatest coverage.

Do I need pet insurance?

Although not everyone needs pet insurance, it is important to think about in advance. When looking at pet insurance options, it's crucial to consider both your own financial condition and your pet's way of life in order to select a plan that can accommodate both.

For instance, you might want to plan ahead and obtain coverage if your dog's breed is susceptible to specific ailments, such heart disease or joint difficulties. Your veterinarian can assist you assess the potential health risks to your pet and help you decide whether pet insurance could be a wise financial decision.

What are the Alternatives to pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a terrific way to plan for the treatment they'll need along the road since companion animals are living longer than ever thanks to advancements in veterinary practise.

However, there are a variety of different methods to set aside money for these expenses if insurance isn't the best choice for you. Instead of paying a monthly insurance premium, think about studying the amount you would spend and putting that money into a savings account.

You may also set up a personal credit card to use for high or unexpected veterinarian expenditures.