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pawer insurance

Pet InsuranceWithout Paying
Vet Bills Up-Front

Signup in minutes. Protect your pets with us for accidents & illness.

Underwritten by
Direct Payment to Vet Clinic

PAWer Insurance
‍‍We pay directly to the vet

Similar to human health plan.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of our panel vet clinics.

Your vet is not on the list? Don’t worry, we still accept claims or you can suggest your preferred vet clinic to us.

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The coverage your pet actually needs

Pet protection plan that's carefully crafted after consultations with the veterinarian team
and many passionate pet parents.


When they’re sick

Blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, MRIs, labwork, CT scans, and ultrasounds


When they’re hurt

Outpatient, specialty and emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery


When they’re recovering

Injections and prescription medication

Your pet deserves a plan as special as they are


We Pay Direct to Panel Vet


*Any licensed vet in Malaysia
(for claim)


90% reimbursement rate fur all


14-day waiting period for all accidents & illnesses


Burial Cost Covered


Third Party Injury or Damage

Pre-existing Conditions:  We don’t cover any costs related to pre-existing conditions present before cover is active, including in any waiting periods. These could be any injury, illness, behavioural problem, issue, sign or symptom you or your vet were aware of.

Made for Cats & Dogs

A protect care package designed especially for the members of your fur family. It covers important procedures when any illnesses and injuries happens.

What is The Challenge?

More than half of all Malaysians say they couldn't cover an unexpected bill of RM500. So how would many pet owners be able to handle a significant vet bill upfront?

This is the challenge posed by most pet insurance companies: you take your beloved pet to the vet, you're required to pay the bill from your own pocket, and then you file a claim to get reimbursed. Sometimes, the reimbursement process can stretch out for weeks or even months.

What sets us apart is PAWer Insurance's cashless admission feature, allowing pet parents to focus on getting better treatment for their beloved companions.

Good to know...

Here are a few important things to note about your pet insurance.
If you still have questions, you can check them out here.

What are waiting periods?

A waiting period is the time you must wait before some or all of the coverage comes into effect.

Do you need my pet’s medical records?

Yes, you need to give your pet's medical history. When you buy a pet health insurance coverage, you also consent to letting your provider get in touch with current or past veterinarians on your behalf and, if necessary, collect all of your pet's medical data.

Can I go to any vet?

Yes, you can use your pet insurance at any certified vet, even those working in specialised, emergency, or university hospitals. If your veterinarian is on our list, we pay them directly. If not, you would pay the veterinarian before filing a claim with Petotum, which would then reimburse you for the costs that were covered.

What are pre-existing conditions and are they covered?

Any illness that your pet has before to the end of the waiting period covered by your pet health insurance coverage is considered a pre-existing condition.

According to your policy, a pre-existing condition can be indicated by any diagnoses, treatments, or signs of a condition that were recorded in your pet's medical history before they were actively insured. You cannot be reimbursed for care related to anything that can be linked to the first finding because pre-existing conditions are not covered by a pet health insurance policy.

Can I cancel my policy at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your pet insurance policy at any time.

What's not covered with PAWer Insurance?

Pre-existing ConditionsFor illnesses that happened, were identified, were treated, or showed clinical signs or symptoms before to the start of the policy or during the waiting periods
An Illness during the waiting periodA waiting period is the first 14 days from the start of the policy.
Routine and preventative treatmentsIncluding, but not restricted to, the price of any pet food and/or supplements, preventative vaccinations, spaying, castration, routine dew claw removal, flea control, treatment for roundworms and tapeworms, ticks, mites, grooming, and nail trimming, as well as any complications resulting from these procedures.
Congenital ConditionsWe do not cover the pet for congenital conditions and their related health complications. Congenital conditions are defined as conditions that are present from birth involving any organ or part of the body.
Aids and Prosthesis(a) congenital conditions;
(b) cryptorchidism or ovariohysterectomy; (one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum)
(c) dental costs (except dental treatment due to an accident);
(d) pregnancy, birth or breeding and any complications thereof;
(e) elective treatment (not a medical emergency) and cosmetic surgeries.

We’d be happy to give you details! You can learn everything about your policy and how pet insurance works.

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