Platform For Pet care Businesses
The 1st Pet Care Management Platform in South East Asia
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Online Booking
Platform For Pet care Businesses
The 1st Pet Care Management Platform in South East Asia
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Pet care Businesses To The Next Level
The 1st Pet Care Management Platform in South East Asia
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What is PetotumBIZ

Booking Management Software designed for petcare to run pet hotel & pet grooming service. Handles online bookings, SMS reminders, record management and marketing – try it FREE.

Why Using Our System?

Maximize Capacity

Manage your capacity during the low season by running a promotion and increasing sales.

Enjoy more sales

Petotum assists you in upselling cross-services and add-ons to your customers during the booking process.

Dedicated support team

You will have access to our Petotum
experts, who will guide and support you alongside your growth.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Viewing the operation and sales performance report on a daily basis can help you maximise your operation.

Cost saving

You can save even more money on hiring if you use all of your resources on services by managing at the system. Better resources equate to lower costs.

Personalize Service

Personalize your service once you have all of your customer's pet information. Customers who are happy with their pets are likely to be happy with their purchases.


Integrated Petcare Management System

We help you run your pet business better & easier by connecting you to pet parents.

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Online Booking

Attract And Retain Customers Like Never Before

PetotumBiz is more than just a pet care management tool — it’s a better way to run your business.

  • ✔️ Allow customer to schedule appointments anywhere, any time.
  • ✔️ With automated reminder messages, you can minimise phone volume for receptionists and reduce no-shows.
pet grooming booking
payment gateway

Payment Gateway

Booking System For Pet Business

With PetotumBiz, your customers can check your availability real-time & make the booking online, including payment via fpx or credit/debit card.

  • ✔️ Link your facebook or website booking button with our link for consistent customer experience.

It's More Than A Management System.

How it’s better: Unlike other booking systems, PetotumBiz explicitly curates to run pet-related businesses. It is now easier to get details such as customers and pet information, pet meals, routine and many more, which will make your operation easier.

Customer & Pet Profile

Get to know your customer & their pet before service. It also include pet behavior, meal schedule & medical records.

Activity Updates

Send direct update during booking. Customer will receive their pet updates via Petotum mobile app.


Reward your customer using coupon or launch a promotion to attract more new customer to make booking.


System will automatic create service invoice to your customer.

Automatic Reminder

Receive automatic notification on new booking & boarding status.

Manage Task

More time to focus on take care of the pet by doing multiple task based on schedule.

Many Trusted Pet Hotel Brands In Malaysia Use PetotumBIZ


What is Petotum?
Petotum is an all-in-one platform for pet care. Petotum is a centralised platform for pet owners, lovers, businesses, and the community to revolutionise the pet care ecosystem.

We are concerned that the pet care industry in Malaysia will be left behind in terms of technology adoption because we love and care for our pets so much.

Whether we like it or not, technology is an important part of our lives these days. That is why we created Petotum, an all-in-one pet care platform.
What is PetotumBIZ?
Petcare Booking Management Software is designed to run pet hotels and pet grooming services. Handles online bookings, SMS reminders, record management, and marketing – try it for free today!
How PetotumBIZ can help petcare business?
We assist petcare in improving their operations and sales by providing a system for managing service slot capacity. We are committed to assisting our petcare clients in growing their businesses.

If you're not sure if PetotumBIZ is right for your company, schedule a demo with us and we'll give you a free consultation.
What do I need to join PetotumBIZ?
You will need to provide the following documents to become a Merchant-partner:
1. Copy of Business Documents – SSM Form D or 9,24,49 (If applicable)
2. Copy of identification card (IC) / passport of the director who is signing the agreement (Colour, Front, and Back) – (UBO director must have a minimum of 25% share on SSM)
3. Copy of Bank Account Statement Header
Are there any sign up fees?
Our rates are reasonable and flexible. View the following pricing information.

Start Growing Your Pet Care Business With Us

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