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Pet Business Program


✅ Start your own pet shop business
✅ Accelerate your existing petcare business
✅ Get help on funding, community support and others

How Launch & Grow a profitable
Pet Care Business? 🤔

Malaysia's pet industry will be worth more than RM1.1 Billion in 2026. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.95% (CAGR 2023-2027). Don't miss the opportunity to succeed in this industry. We at Petotum strongly believe that we can empower more business owners in launching and growing their businesses.

Programs, resources, & training
specific for pet  business

There is no one size fits all approach to running a pet business, and that is something we can all agree on. We've developed programmes, resources, and training to meet you right where you are, whether you're just getting started with your brand-new pet care business or looking to expand your successful pet shop operation.

Starting a Pet Care Business📝

Open a pet shop business can be overwhelming without proper plan. Especially when you don't know what is right for your business.

Intensive Workshop

We offer a comprehensive workshop & more to assist business owners in establishing profitable pet shops.

Grow your Pet Care Business🔗

You might feel your business at the same stage for years... Here we can help you.

Digital solution

Automate your pet care business with our pet care management system to increase sales and efficiency. Find out more >

Operation & Staff
Training Module👥

Owners of pet care businesses who don't have a training & development strategy in place daily lose time, money, and really great staff.

Practical training
We developed practical training solutions that are simple to comprehend and even simpler to use.

afifah basir


Get 1:1 face-to-face coaching sessions with Afifah Basir, CEO & Founder of Petotum.

She has +7 Years of experience in the pet business, including operation, branding, communication & funding. Ask her anything! Avoid expensive mistakes before you run a pet business. Let's meet.


per hour / per session

(Location: Near Klang Valley)
Edisi Terhad


Panduan Membuka Perniagaan Pet Shop 🚀

✅ Cara memulakan perniagaan pet shop
✅ Senarai supplier & kontraktor
✅ Budget & funding
✅ Operasi Kedai dan lain-lain

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Because we love and care about our pets so much, we reluctant to see the pet ecosystem in Southeast Asia to leave behind in adopting the technology.
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