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Standard Package

Veterinary Service

RM1,440 Billed Annually
Clinic Appointment
Queueing on mobile app
Clinic Records
Customer Records
Mobile App for Customer
Pet Records
Pet Wellness Records
Booking Management
Branch Management
User Management
(Coming Soon)
Rewards Management
(Coming Soon)
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*Our pricing is based on module and branch. Depending on merchant needs, each branch can have a different module.

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Product questions

Can I pay first & start my subscription later?
Yes, you can make a payment first to enjoy the discounted price. Then, You may start your subscription on your prefered date.
Do I still enjoy upcoming update & features?
Petotum committed to improve our product for your business. You will be the first one to enjoy any upcoming update & new features
Can I subscribe different module for each branch?
Our pricing plan is flexible. You can choose any module you want for your branch.
What is the difference between FREE & PAID subscription?
At first, you will enjoy 30 days FREE trial which is the full version of PetotumBIZ or PetotumVET. Then, if you choose FREE version (lite package) you only can have 1 module with 4% service fee applied. For PAID version (standard package) no service fee applied & you can enjoy full version of our product.
What happened after my PetPreneur Package Ends?
Most merchant under petreneur program enjoy 1 year FREE subscription with full access (with 4% service fee). After package ends, your package will back to LITE (FREE) version. You may need to select default module (eg: pet hotel / pet grooming / vet)

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Because we love and care about our pets so much, we reluctant to see the pet ecosystem in Southeast Asia to leave behind in adopting the technology.
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