Pet Owners that do ridiculous things for their cats!

Pet Owners

Pet owner’s greatest joy is owning a pet. They created and gave us so much happiness and fulfilling moments and memories. They’re always there for us when we’re happy or sad, and they’ll always cheer us up with their little quirks!

Some pet owners shower their pets at a moderate level, but some will go extreme for their pets. Today, we’re here to discover ridiculous things that pet owners do for their cats!

#1 Bought designer clothes for them

Image Credit: Guff Today

“So, my roommate and I owned a cat in university and we would usually pamper her with a lot of stuff such as buying necklaces and designer clothing. During her birthday month, we would splurge some money on her by getting her expensive gifts, which would usually cost us about RM1,000. I know it may sound stupid to some but she was like our little baby and just like loving parents, we wanted to give her the best and show her our love. Although admittedly, I believe the only thing she wanted was her food. We still love her though 😂.”

– Chan, 26

#2 Used cats as bolster

Image Credit: Oxford Cats

“I sleep with my fat cat, Dood, every night and use him as a bolster! I’m always heartbroken whenever I’m away from him and find it hard to sleep without him. Whenever I’m at a sleepover at a friend’s place, I have to always try to convince my friends to allow me to bring him along. Naturally… they’ll say NO download sad face emoji Icon ”

– Sue, 26

#3 Making them one of the bridesmaids for family wedding

Image Credit: Fashion Dresses

“A family wedding was coming up and there was a discussion going on about the selection of bridesmaids. When we finally selected all of the bridesmaids, we realized we left out someone important — the family cat, Snow White! So, when the date arrived, we dressed her up with a bowtie and made her part of a private ceremony at our home before the official celebration at the church. Sure, there were a few guests who thought it was awkward having a pet all dressed up, but who cares, just look at how cute she looks!”

– Sarah, 25

#4 Throwing them very extra birthday parties

Image Credit: Pet MD

“My housemates and I owned a cat named Nahla for a couple of years. We would regularly hold parties at our apartment and Nahla would be present. One year, we decided to throw Nahla a birthday party of her own and invited a couple of friends over to join the party. We decorated our place with balloons and popped party confetti during the night. To be honest, I think we were just finding a reason to party rather than to celebrate Nahla’s birthday. HAHA.”

– Shaun, 26

Other than this, what are the most ridiculous things you have done for your cats? Surprise us 😉 , we would love to know!

Source: WOB

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