Signs that cat shows when they like you.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s on our fur babies’ minds or what they’re thinking. These signs would let you know where your relationships with your pet stand.

Interpreting cat behaviors is never an easy job! It might be harder to figure out whether your kitty really trusts you or not. There are a few signs you could pay attention to see if your love for your pets is mutual.

1. Fix routines!
Image Credit: Loren Wohl/AP

Trust can be hard to earn especially with cats, but being consistent will improve your bond with your cats. Rachel Barrack, founder of Animal Acupuncture advise cat owners to stick to a routine so that your cats know that they could depend on you. Try this trick from Stevens: If your cats get squirmy particularly when it comes to trimming his nails, offer him a treat to kitchen when you’re done.

Soon every time you cut your cat nails, they’ll be more tolerant and head straight to kitchen when you’re done. Once, your cat is conditioned and expect this routine, your cat will trust you to come through on your end of the arrangement every time. The same method can be used for grooming and meals too!

2. Kneads you!
Image Credit: NikShargin/iStock

“Kneading is a holdover term from kittenhood, when your baby kitty would let her mom know she was hungry and ready for milk”, says Daniel Rotman, Founder & CEO of PrettyLitter. When your cat sees you as a maternal figure, they’ll tend to knead to you cause it reminded them safe and happy environment.

3. Cat Kisses!
Image Credit: Shutterstock

A cat kiss is “a long, slow blink with your gaze and attention fixed on the cat’s eyes, before, during and after the blink. If your cat reciprocates, that indicates they felt safe and happy in your company.

4. Face rubs!
Image Credit: Shutterstock

You may have seen cats sometimes bump into each other head, then continuously rub their face on the person legs, feet or other areas. This is how cats mark their unique scent. Headbutt, face rubs is anything but a sign of affection your cats is showing you!

5. Back rolls!
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cat belly is one of the tender spot and most cats doesn’t like when someone pat their belly area.

According to Stevens, when cats roll onto her back and expose their belly, it shows that cats felt protected and safe around you since being on her back is a vulnerable position. If a cat lets your rub her stomach while she purrs, pretty sure you’re in her good books, and she trusts you completely.


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