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We Believe in BetterWorld For Pets

The love of pets changes everything. Love is why at Petotum, we bring pets in need together with loving people.

Pets is our Family,
Let’s do more good together.

Areas we’re focused on

Pet Entrepreneur

Pet Entrepreneur

Small and micro businesses are the backbone of the economy.

We are committed to providing tools and resources to help empower them with skills, solutions and access to networks and financial services to fund, run and grow their pet businesses.

- Financial education and digital skill building
- Digital commerce and capabilities
- Equitable access to capital
- Quality pet product & services
- Creating jobs and economic opportunities

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Pet Friendly Cities

Pet Friendly Cities

According to a new study, pet owners have greater social relationships in their neighbourhoods than non-pet owners. They were consistently more likely to describe social advantages including helpfulness, friendliness, and neighbourly trust. More >

- Responsible pet ownership
- Pet friendly urban city design & neighbourhood
- Spay & neuter
- Reduce strays
- Sustainable pet packaging & product

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Pet Community

Pet Community

Having a pet can be a great source of comfort and motivation. In many ways, pets can help us to live mentally healthier lives.

There is 11 millions cats & dogs in Malaysia 2019. However only 9.6% have an owner. Together, we can also help our community pet to get better lives.

- Adopt from animal shelter & rescuer
- Volunteer with street animal organizations or shelters
- Disaster and humanitarian relief
- Access to pet medical support

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Building a better pet community with digital innovation.

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