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Need some help with your registration or got any question? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please contact Petotum team for help.

What is Petotum?

Petotum is the all-in-one platform for pet care. Petotum provides a centralized platform for pet owners, lovers, business, and the community to revolutionize the pet care ecosystem. Because we love and care about our pets so much, we are reluctant to see the pet care business in Malaysia be left behind in adopting the technology. Whether we like it or not, technology does play an important part in our lives nowadays. That is why we created Petotum, the all-in-one platform for pet care.

Why do I need to register my pet with Petotum?

By joining us, it will benefit your pets and the wandering strays. You can keep all your pets’ data with us from the vaccination status up until their daily behavior. We will remind your pets’ vaccination expiry, find the best services for your pets in your desired area, and even find a new home for your sheltered pets.

Do I need to pay to register with Petotum?

It’s FREE! You, as a pet parent, can use our page without paying anything!

How can I register pets for adoption?

Contact our support team, and we will guide you from there!

How can I adopt pets with Petotum?

Easy peasy! Go to our community page click the “Adopt A Pet” button. It will redirect you to our Pet Community, and you can choose from the listed pets there. Once the adoption status succeeds, we will transfer all their information to your profile.

Can I register more than one type of animal in my profile?

You can register all your cats and dogs only for now.

Can I register with Petotum if I don't have any pet in my care?

Yes, you can. You can skip the “Add Your Pet” step during registration. However, you need to have a registered pet in your profile for any service booking in the future.

How do I contact Petotum team?

You can email directly to

What are other features coming soon?

It's up to you. Just use out mobile apps & suggest to our team how to make it better!

Can I delete my account with Petotum?

Contact our support team, and we will guide you from there!

What is PetotumBIZ?

PetotumBiz is a management system for pet care businesses. Find out more

Why do I need to register my business with PetotumBiz?

By joining us, you can focus more on your store operation. We will help you to gather the traffic and to manage your incoming booking. We also can provide your monthly sales report and provide consultation based on the current trend.

Do I need to pay to register with PetotumBiz?

We have a few packages to offer according to your preference. Feel free to contact our support team for further explanation.

How can I register my business with PetotumBiz?

You can register as a pet parent first! Make an appointment with our sales, and we will assist from there.

I have more than one outlet under my business name and I want to register all with PetotumBiz. Do I need to create an account for each outlet?

You can register all outlets under one account as long as they are registered under the same business name. Your staff can register using a different ID for outlet control.

How is the payout process?

We will reimburse your customer’s payment weekly after the completion of your service. However, all refunds upon cancelation will be arranged according to our refund policy.

Can I transfer the ownership of my business page?

Yes, you can. Contact our support for more info.

Can I delete my account with PetotumBIZ?

Contact our support team, and we will guide you from there!

How do I contact the PetotumBIZ team?

You can email directly to

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