Discover your pets purrfect moments with us.

Our core values are a unified ecosystem for our pets to improve their livelihood through love and compassion. At Petotum, we treat pets just like our family members, they are part of us.
Our focus is on providing and delivering the most exceptional services to our pets with the advancement of technology.

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Latest from our Petotum to pet parents & pet care services


Enjoy RM10 off when make booking with Petotum


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Petpreneur program

Empower Pet Entrepreneur With RM1.5 Million Worth Of Petcare Management Solutions

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Mobile App For Pet Parents​

We keep innovating for you to manage your pets. With Petotum Mobile apps, you can enjoy more benefits than login at petotum.com​

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Petcare Marketplace

Room or service availability can be check real-time & pet parents make the booking online, including payment via fpx or credit/debit card.

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Digital ID For Pets

Your pets might not microchip yet, but with Petotum Pet ID, your pet now can have their very own digital ID. Stand a chance to win 1-year pet supplies of YOUR CHOICE 🎉 🎉

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Bulu-Bulu Initiative

Be part of Bulu-Bulu Initiative. Donate pet food or join as volunteers to feed the strays!

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Find Purrfect Buddy​

Are you looking for a buddy to bring home with? You're in luck! We're partnering with Projek Purrfect from Universiti Malaya KK12 to do our first Digital Adoption Drive! You can now scroll through our website to look for your buddy and contact the care taker with just one click.

Adopt a pet

What’s your story?

Growing up with a pet is never easy; it requires to shower them with lots of attention, love, nourishment, resiliency, and much more. Raising a pet is just like raising another human being. The journey is challenging but fruitful.

Share your most important story about your pets with us at social media using hashtag & stand a chance to win special prizes every month!  T&C’s Apply.

#PAWer #Petotum

Bulu-Bulu Initiative by Petotum

pledge of RM 10,000 goal

connects pet parent &
pet care services All in one Place

Creating big impact one paw at a time.

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