Cat Insurance

Terrific! Here's what you need to understand about cat insurance before making a purchase:

✅ A vaccination card, pet passport (DVS) or breed certificate is required for enrollment, but you can provide it to us in 14 days after your purchase is complete.

✅ Your pet should be between 12 weeks and below 10 years old when you start the policy.

✅ If you sign up your pet before they turn 10 and keep the insurance without a break, it might cover them until they're 13 years old.

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Budget-Friendly Coverage for Caring Cat Owners
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Comprehensive Coverage for Your Beloved Cat
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Elite Protection for Your Cherished Cat
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Cashless Admission
Vet Clinic Fees Coverage
Up to RM3,500
per year
Up to RM5,000
per year
Up to RM8,000
per year
Third Party Injury
Up to RM10,000
per year
Up to RM30,000
per year
Burial Cost
Up to RM500
Up to RM1,000
Post-Surgical Treatment
Up to 30 days
Up to 60 days
Up to 60 days
Vet Overnight Stay
Up to 3 nights
Unlimited nights
Unlimited nights

Major Exclusions You Should Know

We want to be transparent about what our policy doesn't cover. Here are the major exclusions:

Pre-existing conditions:

We can't cover health issues your pet had before getting the policy.

Illness within the first 14 days:

Any illness that shows up in the first two weeks after starting your first policy isn't covered.

Unidentifiable pets:

We need your pet to be identifiable through a microchip for dogs or a record for cats to process claims.

Reproduction-related costs:

Costs related to pregnancy, birth, breeding, and complications aren't covered.

Congenital conditions and behavior training:

We don't cover treatments for conditions your pet was born with or behavioral therapy.

Major surgeries and prosthetics:

Organ transplants, surgical implants, aids, and prosthetics aren't covered.

Routine and preventative care:

Regular check-ups and preventive treatments aren't included.

Certain breeds and government actions:

If your pet is from a banned or restricted breed, or if it's intentionally harmed by a government authority, that's not covered.

Mistreatment or harm:

We can't cover claims if your pet is deliberately injured or mistreated.

Non Commercial use:

Accidents related to using your pet for business purposes, like involved in racing, law enforcements or, breeding, guarding or for other commercial use, aren't included.

Events outside Malaysia:

Claims for events that happen outside of Malaysia aren't covered.

We’d be happy to give you details! You can learn everything about your policy and how pet insurance works.

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