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Super PAWer Affiliate Program

Join the Super PAWer Affiliate Program and partner with us in our mission to ensure all cats and dogs receive access to the medical treatments they need.

What's required to sign up?

Petotum is open to partnering with anyone who thinks their audience would appreciate our products. We do reserve the right to refuse any partner that does not meet our quality and content standards. Our Super PAWer Affiliate Program is ideal for: Digital content providers, influencers and pet experts, groomers, breeders, and all small businesses that love pets!

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Ready to make a difference and earn while doing it? Sign up now and become a Super PAWer Affiliate!

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Help us spread the word about the importance of pet health insurance. Streamlined enrollment process and quick approvals.

Protect More Pets

Feature Petotum in amazing content and access ready-to-use creatives, templates, and other marketing assets.

Make Money

Earn up to 8% for every unique conversion. Earn exclusive payouts. No limits.

Good to know...

Here are a few important things to note about our affiliate.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is where you will assist us in marketing our existing products. We will provide you with a unique link, where if anyone purchased an item via your affiliate link, you will receive a percentage of the sale.

Commission Rate
Silver Plan (cat) Annually - RM23.20
Gold Plan (cat) Annually - RM31.20
Platinum Plan (cat) Annually - RM39.20
Silver Plan (dog) Annually - RM43.20
Gold Plan (dog) Annually - RM51.20
Platinum Plan (dog) Annually - RM63.20

How long will it take for me to receive my payment?

We pay our affiliate partners once a month, which transfers it directly to their bank account within 3 working days.

How do I advertise my affiliate links?

You are free to display your affiliate links on your social media pages. However, we humbly request that you do not spam your family and friends. 

What happens if I need assistance or have questions while promoting Super PAWer products?

We're here to support you! If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to our affiliate support team at We're happy to help with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Can I use paid advertising methods like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising for promotion?

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on PAWer's brand name or trademarks in PPC advertising. More information regarding PPC advertising is available in our affiliate agreement.

We’d be happy to give you details! You can learn everything about our products.

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